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Elvis Habla Español: Boda en Las Vegas con Elvis y Viva Las Vegas Weddings!

Elvis weddings at Viva Las Vegas
Elvis habla español en Las Vegas!

Spanish-speaking Elvis wedding in Las Vegas? It’s true–not all of our staff are bilingual, but when it comes to Spanish language weddings in Vegas, we can make sure your Elvis, traditional or themed wedding takes place in the language of your choice–Spanish, French, you-tell-us. After all, it’s YOUR day. We do many weddings in Spanish and French, and we generally do our darnedest to provide an interpreter, if not a bi-lingual minister, to make you feel comfortable at your Las Vegas ceremony, whatever your language of preference. Most of our “Elvi” can do the ceremony in Spanish, as seen in the video below. Viva Elvis!


When planning your Las Vegas wedding, communication in any language is really important. You can easily select and book your wedding with us online at www.vivalasvegasweddings.com without ever lifting a phone. But– usually– you’ll have questions and special requests, so feel free to call us at (702) 384-0771 or (800) 574-4450. We also offer Live Chat, if you’d like to discuss things with us online while you’re visiting our website. Or, send us an email. Whatever suits your personal style.
Weddings in Spanish with Elvis in Las Vegas

We know that Elvis is an international legend. So we try to keep up with our brides and grooms from all over the globe who want a spectacular, affordable Las Vegas wedding. Let us know how we can make your wedding perfect for you!