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Eloping to Vegas? Our Most Affordable Viva Las Vegas Weddings— Road Trip!

Las Vegas wedding souvenir Elvis cake toppers
Of course, you’ll want a little something for your dashboard, even if you don’t get a wedding cake to go!

A BIG reason for eloping to Vegas is to have the wedding YOU want, with a minimum of fuss and expense, but a maximum of memories and intimacy. At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we make it possible for friends and family to view your wedding streaming live from wherever they are, so you can let them know about the ceremony at the last minute, if you like. Some couples would rather bring home a DVD and spring the wedding news on everyone as a surprise after-the-fact. Whatever the case, you can marry your way at Viva Las Vegas.

Saving money for other things, like a down payment on a house or a fantastic honeymoon, are huge motivators for many of our affordable Viva Las Vegas Weddings. Weddings here start at just over $200 and include all the sweet and sentimental basics. Driving in to save money on airfare? We even chip in for gas! Book any wedding over $345 with us, and we’ll give you a $50 gas card! You’ll need to ask for this at the time of booking. All the details are on our website to help save you a bit of honeymoon cash. See at: www.vivalasvegasweddings.com/freegas.htm

Our friendly and helpful staff can offer up other money-saving suggestions, or economical ways to celebrate your big day. No reception, but you want to celebrate? You can still take a luscious little wedding cake (packaged to go) back to your room, and even pick up one of our Elvis bobble head cake toppers. Elvis can ride home on your dash after your honeymoon. Even if you choose to have a simple traditional wedding, an Elvis bobble head makes a great souvenir of your wedding trip.

Elvis souvenirs Las Vegas
Cake toppers do double duty as bobble heads. Visit the Elvis souvenir shop in our lobby!

Just because you’re eloping to Las Vegas doesn’t mean your commitment to each other is any less. We know this, because we’ve seen the look in the eyes of the couples we see each day– at traditional weddings, and at wild and crazy themed weddings. We know your marriage is the real deal, and that how much you spend to get married is no indicator of the depth of your love. We know “different” weddings are every bit as meaningful as traditional, expensive ones. In fact, we like to think we put the fun in forever. 🙂