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Top Secrets for a Happy and Lasting Marriage

Marriage Happiness Secrets
Besides starting out with a beautiful wedding at Viva Las Vegas, here are a few secrets of happy marriages

Just about every happily married couple can share a few secrets of their successful union. When we meet couples who are renewing their vows with us after many years of marriage, we are always intrigued by their fascinating nuggets of marital wisdom. Since every relationship is different, though, not all their advice works or is pertinent for everyone. After all, forgetting to put the toilet seat down or to put the cap on the toothpaste isn’t necessarily a hot button in every marriage.

Recently, we came across an enlightening list of characteristics shared by long-term, happily married couples. We think that pondering these qualities could be an amazingly insightful activity for all engaged couples. In fact, this list has us thinking about our own marriages in a new light. Read on…

Characteristic # 1: Putting each other first. Not your best friend, not your parents, not a close sibling. Your marriage can be seriously compromised if there is someone else you go to to discuss problems within your relationship. The person you need to have that talk with is your partner. Your relationship with each other is the foundation of your marriage and your future household. Having an outside confidante when it comes to marital problems invites divided loyalties. Be very careful if you begin to see this happening.

Characteristic # 2: Feeling happy– almost all the time. A by-product of a successful marriage, after all, is happiness! It only makes sense that you feel a warm glow in the presence of your spouse. If you don’t, that likely means that your relationship needs work.

Characteristic # 3: Being faithful. You need to work out what is and what is not okay. Stick to those terms without compromise. It’s important that there are ground rules about fidelity, and that you know you can trust your spouse to abide by them.

Characteristic # 5: Being there for each other. Once in awhile, you may have to support the other person’s wacky bucket list dream, or you may have to agree to compromise on a major decision. But realize that to some extent, we all need to be who we are, and to have our partner acknowledge that. Always pay attention to the consequences of what you do on your partner, too. You can only act independently of each other to a point. Be generous about compromising, and be sensitive to the other person’s feelings when they are the one doing the compromising.

Characteristic # 6: Being each other’s biggest fan. You should feel like the day you married was the best and luckiest day of your life. At least most of the time.

Characteristic # 7: Being aware that money matters. Not how much you have, but how you spend it. It’s important to work out the details of what’s okay. If you have different spending styles, this will take work, but it will be well worth the effort in the long term. More marriages break up because of money issues than for any other single reason.

Characteristic # 8: Knowing that love is not just a passive emotion. Love has to be actively expressed in all the little ways, and as often as possible. Show your love on a daily basis, through actions and words. That’s not only the easiest part, but the best part of marriage. The little stuff. It’s what you’ll remember most and longest. A tiny note in the lunchbox, a loving text message, a silly sentimental gift or a favorite candy bar on movie night…It only takes a moment of thoughtfulness to sustain a lifetime a love.

O Canadians! How to Get Married in Las Vegas (Great White North Edition)

How Canadians can get married in Las VEgas
Image courtesy of Susie B /

Last year more Canadian couples than any other non-American group chose to tie the knot at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. And it wasn’t just those crazy late night Elvis weddings, either. Many couples opted for traditional weddings, while others chose from our many creative themed wedding packages. Friends and family back in Canada were able to watch streaming live if they couldn’t make the trip to Vegas themselves. What could be more perfect? No matter what kind of wedding our newlywed neighbors from the North have planned, we’ve had a blast marrying them! Visit our site at to browse and dream!

We think the influx of Canadian brides and grooms may also be because of the great airfares and direct flights offered by Air Canada and Westjet. (Air Canada, for example, has one-way fares from many major cities starting at just over $100). It also doesn’t hurt that Viva Las Vegas weddings are extremely affordable, making a destination wedding a real money-saver in the long run. On top of which, Las Vegas is already an ideal honeymoon destination, with its astounding selection of exquisite honeymoon hotels to choose from– and so many exciting things to do.

All-inclusive weddings in Vegas for Canadian couples
Image courtesy of Sharron Goodyear /

Once you’ve checked our website and conversed online or over the phone with our friendly wedding planners, you’ll discover how easy it is to marry in Las Vegas. You’ll have to visit our downtown Marriage Bureau for your marriage license the day before, and all the information you need to be legally wed can be found archived on our blog at:

Come for the weather, come for the wedding, and come create a lifetime of memories with us at Viva Las Vegas! We’ll help you find the perfect, all-inclusive wedding package for you. It’s just the neighborly thing to do!

Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel Leads the Charge in Support of Gay Marriage in Nevada

Gay marriage Nevada
Image courtesy of digitalart /

This past week, Nevada’s 9th US District Court of Appeals granted a request to expedite the case to repeal the ban on same-sex marriage in the State of Nevada. At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, this has been real cause for celebration! We have long held that any two people who wish to bind their lives together in love, legally, should be able to do so. Click the link below to see the February 12th, 2014, interview with chapel manager, Brian Mills:

If all goes well, this could potentially mean that same-sex couples will be able to wed in legal ceremonies as early as the end of this year. Only one defendant remains, the Coalition for the Protection of Marriage. The Coalition’s chief argument is that marriage is largely for the purpose of procreation, and that children deserve to have one parent of each sex. This has merit in a world of ideals, perhaps, but the reality of family life in contemporary society is filled with other successful examples of parenting.

Single parent families, blended families, families with same-sex heads of household–the key to a happy family is more about quality and strength of the love, and perhaps less about the genders of the family members. Additionally, it is sometimes the case that opposite sex spouses choose not to have children at all. That does not necessarily make them less likely to seek the sanctity and commitment of marriage. At Viva Las Vegas, we simply believe that no one should be told who to love or who to marry. Period.

Since a final decision is still months away, we’ll continue to offer same-sex commitment ceremonies until, eventually, same sex marriage is recognized not only in the State of Nevada, but (one day) in the entire country. However you feel on this issue, we at Viva Las Vegas can only applaud efforts that make it possible for all citizens to enjoy the same rights and freedoms, especially when it comes to the most personal and binding ones– choosing who to love, and who to share one’s life with.

Here’s more information on the impact such a change will have socially and economically, in Nevada and across the U.S. This video dates from March of 2013, when things first began to happen in our state:

Popping the Question in Vegas? Newest Hot Spots

High Roller
Propose in a pod over 500 feet above the Las Vegas Strip! Opening April 2014

Las Vegas is clearly one of the best places in the world to get married, but it’s also an absolutely thrilling place to get engaged. There are so many exciting spots for popping the question. Notable among them are the picturesque Bellagio fountains and the top of the Paris’s Eiffel Tower. And we can’t even begin to count the number of impossibly romantic restaurants. But here are some incredible new venues for your special proposal, ones that almost know one knows about—yet!

In April, the new Linq shopping and dining complex near The Quad (formerly the Imperial Palace) will unveil its magnificent centerpiece, a 550-foot observation wheel, aptly named “The High Roller.” The structure is 9 feet taller than the Singapore Flyer and 107 feet taller than the London Eye. The High Roller offers 28 enclosed, transparent sphere-shaped cabins, carrying up to 40 passengers each. It will take 30 minutes to make one picturesque revolution with views of the entire Strip. Plenty of time to pop the question, guys! The expected fare is under $20 per person. Be one of the first! There will be numerous sophisticated bars and caf├ęs in the Linq complex, for toasting afterward.

How to get engaged in Las Vegas
Make your proposal spot memorable, and let it reflect the quality of your relationship with each other

If you’re leaning more toward a proposal out in nature, consider a desert trail ride at sunset, guided by seasoned cowboys. How ’bout offering her a hand to help her off her horse, a hand with a dazzling diamond ring in it? Or…your idea here….. Your sunset desert ride includes a yummy supper afterward, complete with homemade apple pie for dessert. What an all- American way to pop the big question! (For more information, contact Wild West Horseback Adventures, 702-792-5050.) If you’d rather go it alone, we recommend a romantic picnic along one of Red Rock Canyon’s scenic trails just outside Vegas. Take in gorgeous views of the canyon at sunset, and then the glamorous lights of Las Vegas in the distance as you head back to your hotel. Big sigh. What woman could ever forget a proposal surrounded by the spectacular beauty of Las Vegas’s desert vistas and the sight of the illuminated Strip in the distance?

We’d love to hear YOUR idea of a great Las Vegas proposal, if you’ve got a unique and creative one in mind. Or, maybe you’ve already proposed and want to tell about it. Do share. We love that kind of stuff! And, of course, Viva Las Vegas Weddings is always here to take care of all your wedding plans, from traditional to one-of-a-kind-creative.

Viva Las Vegas Valentine’s Day Weddings

Las Vegas Valentines Weddings
Happy Valentine’s Day Weddings to all our 2/14/14 couples!

It’s that time of year once again when we’re expecting a deluge of love at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. From dawn until midnight on St. Valentine’s Day, we’ll be (we hope!) running all our chapels like a well-oiled machine. Elvi will be running rampant, and seas of beautiful couples in white, red, and pink will be slipping in and out of limos and town cars, stepping lightly through their paces with one of our many personal wedding coordinators. It’s our most challenging day of the year, and our goal is for every wedding to be as seamlessly-run as possible. Heck, we will likely even be working around news crews a bit. It’s a top story on the local and national news every year.

With sunny weather and nearly 80-degree temperatures expected, it will be a gorgeous day, particularly for those getting hitched in our outdoor Garden and Gazebo Chapels.

How many weddings can we get done on February 14th you ask? With all of our chapels running full kilt for extended hours, we may close in on 80 or more weddings on the day! If all goes perfectly, couples won’t feel any more hurried, though, since the time allotted on this very busy day is the same as for a quiet day. But there will surely be an extra air of excitement and joy that’s palpable.

Generally speaking, couples tend to go in for the more traditional weddings on Valentine’s Day at our chapels. But there are a few exceptions, being Viva Las Vegas and all.

Here, for example, is the kind of wedding we are NOT expecting to see this holiday. We loved the pink dress. And the costumes! There’s rarely been much of a wackier cast of characters than a giant carrot and banana as wedding party. Whatever your plans for your Valentine’s Day wedding in Vegas, we can’t wait to make it all legal for you—-vegetables, fruits… whatever!


A Surprise 30-Year Wedding Vow Renewal in Las Vegas!

Wedding Vow Renewal on 30th Anniversary
Lynn and Dusty, New Year’s Eve 1983

At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we really love surprises! Especially when the bride doesn’t know she is going to renew her vows on her 30th anniversary, as was the case for Lynn this past New Year’s Eve. Best of all, Lynn’s hubby, Dusty, wrote all about their romantic history on their free wedding website, complimentary with our Viva Las Vegas wedding packages. Friends and family who weren’t able to come to Vegas could view the whole thing streaming live on the Internet after receiving their online wedding invite. (Of course, Dusty warned everyone not to breathe a word to Lynn about it ahead of time!)

On your own special page, our brides and grooms can share the story of how they met, their proposal, and any other romantic stories they’d like to share. They can post photos, too! This is also the page where your guests will be able to watch live streaming video if you choose that option. Perfect!

Lynn and Dusty in 1990
A few years later…What love at first sight leads to!

We loved reading Dusty’s story of how the two met. He says it was in the “traditional” way—at a bar. Things happen, according to him, when a table of Air Force and Army Lieutenants is seated next to a table of newly-graduated nurses. For Dusty, it was love at first sight, and he proposed to Lynn three weeks later!

dusty and lynn's 30 year wedding vows in Las Vegas

Whether you’re having a wedding vow renewal ceremony, or it’s your first exciting wedding in Las Vegas, take advantage of our free wedding website to share your photos and the story of your lives together, so far! It’s a really touching way to share your special day with friends and family. Our best wishes to Lynn and Dusty for many, many more happy years together!