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New Viva Las Vegas Wedding Reception Dinners!

Las Vegas Wedding Receptions Dinners
Our brand new Viva Las Event Center, where you’ll have one of our amazing new wedding reception dinner packages!

In all the excitement of the moment, wedding couples often tell us that their traditional, Elvis or themed ceremony seems to fly by! (Thank goodness for the photos and DVD!) To extend the thrill and joy of your wedding day, consider having a Viva Las Vegas reception or wedding dinner package, to honor your guests and to pamper yourselves on the one day of your lives that you dine as bride and groom. Our spectacular new Event Center is just footsteps away from our Viva Las Vegas Chapel.

If a simple cake and champagne “do” will do, we have intimate little receptions centered around toasting the occasion. But, if you really want to do it up, our new dinner packages at our Viva Las Vegas Event Center offer the ultimate in scrumptious cuisine and fine drink– and at very reasonable prices. Our regional and international favorites menus make wonderful complements to our themed weddings, too!

Western themes and more casual wedding packages pair well with our Uncle Joe’s Kansas City BBQ dinner reception. This yummy feast features the best BBQ and sides west of—-Kansas City. Gangster wedding? How about Mama Millie’s Italian Dinner? We’ll create the taste and ambiance of Old Italy right here in Vegas. For south-of-the border flair, we’ve even got Abuelita Maria’s Mexican Wedding Dinner. Our on-site gourmet chefs will work with you on menu options to make your wedding meal personalized and one to remember. For purists, we do offer a traditional Love American Style Dinner with choices of starters, entrees and desserts.

wedding dinners at Viva Las Vegas Event Center
Our wedding dinners offer a variety of the best authentic cuisines of the world!
Viva Las Vegas Event Center dinner receptioons
Who wouldn’t want to dine here after a Viva Las Vegas wedding? Breathtaking!

If all of this sounds tantalizing to you, have a look at our dinner receptions and everything that’s included. To view all the Viva Las Vegas Event Center Dinner Receptions on our receptions page, check the column on the left for the many package choices.

See you for dinner!

A Birthday Tribute to Elvis, The King of Rock ‘n Roll

Elvis 79th Birthday
Image courtesy of digitalart /

Had he lived, Elvis would be celebrating his 79th birthday on January 8th. We’ll have that in mind this week as we respectfully perform our many Elvis wedding ceremonies for the brides and grooms who are dedicated fans, or who simply love the mystique surrounding the legendary performer.

To pay homage to “The King,” we’d like to share one of his most heart-wrenching songs. Kleenex, please.

January 8th, Elvis’s birthday, is a popular wedding day here at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. Even busier will be upcoming on May 1st, the anniversary of Elvis and Priscilla’s wedding. The two were married at the old Aladdin Hotel (now Planet Hollywood) in Las Vegas. If you’re planning a Las Vegas Elvis wedding on that nostalgic date, book early. Check our Elvis wedding page for the wide variety of Elvis wedding packages, from the very affordable to the very over-the-top at:

Wow! Humbling, Great Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel Reviews on Yelp

Las Vegas Wedding Chapel Reviews
We were thrilled that we made this couple extra happy on the happiest day of their lives!

At the start of a New Year, we like to take a peek to see how we are doing from the perspective of our wedded guests. It helps us see what we are doing right, and what we might still improve on. Heck, some of these reviews are so amazingly detailed that we can tell things like who among our staff might just have been having a bad day. But, we felt really honored to see our 4.5-star review on Yelp! And we were especially pleased to see mostly five-star ratings and happy, happy couples.

Because you describe your experience in a way that we can’t, we’ll share an honestly wonderful review from Yelp. If you are planning a wedding in Las Vegas in the coming New Year, please check the site for descriptions from many other wedding couples. We think reviews are really the best way to help you know for sure that Viva Las Vegas Chapel is the perfect place for your unique and very special Vegas wedding.

Laura G.
Burbank, CA

Ok, since I grew up in Las Vegas, the last thing I wanted was a typical Las Vegas Wedding, however, with my family unable to travel very far and since we were on a tight budget already with our unique wedding, we really didn’t have much of an option.

With that said, my Husband and I are SUPER happy we went with this chapel! We had an Addams Family themed wedding on Halloween this year, and it was EPIC thanks to this chapel! I think one of the things that makes this chapel awesome, is that they are all about “the show.” Everyone is extremely friendly (not pushy or sales-y), and they are open and willing to customize your package. We were told from the beginning that they could do any kind of theme our little hearts desired (except nudity, lol).

Naturally, we went with the Gothic package complete with fog, lighting effects, and the whole nine yards! The best part of the ceremony was our officiant: the Grimm Reaper. As the Bride, I did not mind one bit when he stole the show, lol! He really made the ceremony extra special! We really weren’t expecting much, but holy cow, did he deliver!

Everything about this chapel is amazing! It is also the only chapel that allows your guests to take pictures during the ceremony and they even have an option for you to bring your own photographer if you like, (you do have to pay a fee, but it is very reasonable). In case you don’t think this detail is very important, consider this: My Mother got married at another chapel downtown where they did not allow any outside photography of any kind, only theirs. Which seemed OK at first, but not when they fired the photographer before he uploaded the pictures of my Mother’s wedding! So there you have it, she paid all that money and to this day she has never seen pictures of the ceremony. ANYWAYS, my point is that for this chapel to allow outside photography is a big deal….pretty much no other chapel in Vegas offers that (we checked).

Another perk is that you can have the ceremony streamed live and archived for 90 days. Pretty awesome considering we had a lot of family and friends who could not make it out…so it was extra special for them to still be able to see it. It is also pretty neat that we can share the video on the web with everyone!

I will say that we never get tired of hearing “that was the best wedding we’ve ever been to!” — even our wedding photographer said the same, and imagine how many weddings she sees per year! I’d say Mission Accomplished!

We really want to send a big THANK YOU to the staff of Viva Las Vegas for making our wedding the most epic night of our lives!

Gothic wedding in Las Vegas
Laura’s Gothic Wedding ceremony was a crowd pleaser! We do our best. 🙂

Thanks, Laura, and thank you to all the couples who took the time to share your experience with others. We’ll see you again for your wedding vow renewals one day! Happy New Year!