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Aloha Elvis Blue Hawaii Wedding in Vegas!

Elvis Blue Hawaii wedding in Vegas
Next best thing to a wedding on the beach? Our Elvis Blue Hawaii package!

Trying to escape the polar vortex for your balmy, 65-degree wedding in Vegas? May we suggest our most popular Elvis Blue Hawaii wedding package? You’ll feel like you’re in a tropical paradise with the ocean mist rolling in and a hula girl dancing while Elvis croons “The Hawaiian Wedding Song.” You can even dance yourselves, if you’re so inclined!

Recently Stan and Cynthia showed off some pretty hot swing dance moves during their Elvis Blue Hawaii wedding. Check out a minute or two of their fun-filled vow exchange!

Of course, swing dancing is optional…Most couples opt for a slow-dance instead. Some folks prefer just to share hugs and congratulations while Elvis sings “Viva Las Vegas!” That’s all fine with us!

Ask about this all-inclusive wedding package, and we’ll even suggest upgrades like exotic leis or wedding cake packaged to-go. Naturally, a matching sarong and Hawaiian shirt are optional, but you wouldn’t know it, judging from many Blue Hawaii wedding couples. At Viva Las Vegas, we’re all about choices. Aloha! See you in the islands!