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A Quaint “Marilyn Manson” Wedding in Las Vegas

Marilyn Manson wedding in Vegas
Just another Viva Las Vegas wedding “minister”

At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we absolutely love it when you have special request weddings for us. That’s because we’re there to witness whatever thrilling wedding ideas you dish out! Recently, April and Josh wanted a Marilyn Manson-themed wedding. Las Vegas is indisputably the land of the world’s best musical tribute artists, so we’re able to bring in just about any rock star impersonator you have in mind. Your rockin’ minister also does a mini-concert—in this case, for April and Josh, just the two of them. (Well, the staff on duty also got their socks rocked off!) For this amazing wedding, “Steven Tyler” got thrown into the mix as well. It was unbelievable!

Marilyn Manson wedding couple
April and Josh are treated to a private concert on their wedding night!

If music is your thing, and you’re not fans of a stately and traditional kind of wedding ceremony, you might want to check out our Rock ‘N Roll wedding package. We’ll work with you to provide the tribute artist of your choice. The package is all-inclusive, meaning you get smoke, theatrical lights, flowers, photography, live web cam coverage and even round-trip limo service from your Strip or Downtown hotel. See at:

marilyn 2

Remember we can customize any of our traditional, Elvis or themed wedding packages to put together a personalized wedding that has just all the right elements for you, and in the setting of your choice. We’ll mix and match and make sure your wedding is all about you. Rock on!

Meet Alyssa, Our Amazing Viva Las Vegas Wedding and Reception Specialist!

Alyssa at Viva Event Center
Alyssa knows what it takes to make your wedding reception a huge success!

Bubbly Alyssa, one of Viva Las Vegas’s hardest working wedding and reception specialists never hesitates to tell you how much she loves her job. And it shows! Alyssa has worked at Viva for over two years, having started off as an intern while studying hospitality and event planned at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. She speaks openly about how much working at Viva has impacted her life, and about how honored she is to speak with engaged couples all over the world, helping to plan their weddings and receptions in Las Vegas.

When asked what is the hardest part of her job, Alyssa says, “Not being able to spend more time with couples. Sometimes we speak to them long distance for months before their wedding, and we really get to know them over the phone. But, if their wedding falls on a very busy day, we don’t get the chance to chat with them as much as we’d like in person. It’s their big day, and they are so in love, and so thankful for what we do. Still, I do cherish the brief moments I have with them, coordinating their wedding before they go down the aisle.”

Alyssa says the easiest part of the job is being kept entertained by all the fun themed weddings. Coordinating some of the wild and crazy weddings makes working at Viva unlike any ordinary job. And that’s a huge understatement. Alyssa puts it like this,”You can feel like you’re backstage at the VMA awards!” Her favorite wedding to coordinate? The Gothic Theme…Ceremonies that include fog, tombstones, dramatic lighting and eerie music. Only at Viva Las Vegas!

Alyssa, Wedding Coordinator in Las Vegas
At what other job can you fit right in wearing a mask?

Alyssa loves watching the constant growth of the chapel, and revels in her ability to grow along with it. Viva Las Vegas Weddings recently opened its new Viva Las Vegas Event Center, to accommodate larger weddings and receptions. Says Alyssa, “We’ve grown from hosting 50 person receptions to booking receptions for 150 or more people!” Now that’s a LOT of growth. But, for Alyssa, it’s just one more way to challenge her creativity and expertise in the field of reception and event planning. She adds, “I have two of the most amazing bosses to back me up,” referring to chapel co-owners Ron Decar and Jamie Richards. “They’ve given me the opportunity of a lifetime!”

Alyssa Vegas Wedding Planner
Alyssa on the right, clearly having too much fun at work…. 🙂

Alyssa is now working with corporations, travel agents and convention planners, even people from the world of politics. She says, “I’m SUPER excited to be planning receptions with gourmet buffet dinners and custom entertainment. We’ve got an incredible dance floor and a stage with theatrical lights and incredible sound. The Event Center has so much in the way of unique possibilities for brides. I’d say the possibilities are endless!”

Alyssa’s enthusiasm and eagerness to help is palpable. If you’re thinking of a wedding in Las Vegas—themed, traditional, or a wedding with Elvis—you couldn’t be luckier than if you happen to get Alyssa on the line! Call her, or any of our fun, patient and helpful staff: Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel 702-384-0771

How to Get Married in Las Vegas

Getting marriage license Las Vegas
What to do before you say “I Do” in Las Vegas
After you’ve booked your amazing Elvis, themed, or traditional wedding package at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel (the best and most fun place to get hitched in Vegas), what’s next? Once you’ve arrived in Las Vegas and settled into your hotel, you’ll need to make a trip downtown to the Clark County Marriage Bureau. Unless you’re renewing your vows, you’ll need a license. (The good news: No waiting period, no blood test. Once you have that license, you’re good to go!)

It’s really easy to find the Marriage Bureau with your GPS navigation thingie, but cab drivers know the place well, too. (201 Clark Avenue, NW corner of 3rd Street and Clark.) We recommend getting your license the day before your wedding, so it’s less stressful. But, if you have a later afternoon or evening wedding, you should be fine getting it the morning of your ceremony.

To make it even easier, you can go online (up to 60 days ahead) to Click on the Marriage Pre-Application, to be completed for both the bride and the groom. Print and bring these forms with you to the Marriage Bureau so you can get “express lane” service when you arrive. The Bureau is open until midnight during the week, 24 hours on weekends. You’ll need $60 cash (or $65 credit card); money orders and cashier’s checks are also accepted. You’ll need to show ID (check Bureau site for details on requirements) for both parties.

Once you’ve got your license, be sure to bring it with you to the chapel at the time of your wedding. We can do the ceremony if you’ve forgotten the rings, but not if you don’t have your license in hand!

Remember, if you have ANY questions or concerns about your upcoming wedding with us, call one of our patient and friendly staffers at 702-384-0771. Or visit our website at to chat live online. We’ll make sure every aspect of your wedding is a breeze. Viva Las Vegas!

how to get your marriage license in Vegas
Here’s where you’ll get your marriage license. Then you’re good to go, no waiting period! No blood tests!

Five Biggest No-No’s for Your Viva Las Vegas Wedding

Crazy Las VEgas wedding
Actually, we don’t really mind what you’re wearing, once the ceremony is over…

It’s true, just about anything goes as far as your themed, traditional or Elvis wedding with us at Viva Las Vegas Weddings. We want your day to be all about you, so we try to make all the details right, customizing your wedding package with features that suit your taste and style perfectly. But, we DO have a few suggestions to make sure your wedding, wedding photos and video– your total wedding experience— will be flawless.

We’re all about fun here, and we think we’ve seen almost every mistake a bride and groom can make on their wedding day in Vegas. Follow these five easy suggestions,though, and you’ll eliminate the chances for most of the “uh-oh” moments we see at our chapel.

1. Spit out your gum. We know you want fresh breath for the wedding kiss. And we know chewing gum helps relax nervous brides and grooms. But, trust us, spit out your gum before the wedding ceremony begins, and your breath will still be great at kissing time. Why? Just wait until you see your wedding video with you chomping away during the vows. And remember, that’s what your friends and family are seeing, watching live on the Internet.

2. Don’t forget your marriage license. Most people do remember to go downtown to get it. But, the real problem occurs when you forget to bring it with you to the chapel. It’s a real bummer, but you can’t be legally wed without this on your person.(If you are renewing your vows or having a commitment ceremony, you don’t need a license at all. Whew.)

3. Don’t forget the rings. If your best man or maid of honor are carrying them for you, double check. We can still do the ceremony without these, but it’s just not the same….

4. Turn off your phone. And ask your guests to turn theirs off. No explanation necessary here.

5. Save the toast for after the ceremony. We know you’ve seen wedding episodes on TV sitcoms or wedding-themed movies where being a bit tipsy has been an issue. We know it’s Vegas, but things are just generally going to go better if you are aware of the importance of your special vows. Our ministers and Elvis officiants will make you feel very comfortable during your ceremony, so you shouldn’t really need liquid courage.

These are just general guidelines for a great wedding. Almost anything else that might go wrong just makes for fun stories to tell to your grandchildren. See you at the chapel…WITH your license!

Aloha Elvis Blue Hawaii Wedding in Vegas!

Elvis Blue Hawaii wedding in Vegas
Next best thing to a wedding on the beach? Our Elvis Blue Hawaii package!

Trying to escape the polar vortex for your balmy, 65-degree wedding in Vegas? May we suggest our most popular Elvis Blue Hawaii wedding package? You’ll feel like you’re in a tropical paradise with the ocean mist rolling in and a hula girl dancing while Elvis croons “The Hawaiian Wedding Song.” You can even dance yourselves, if you’re so inclined!

Recently Stan and Cynthia showed off some pretty hot swing dance moves during their Elvis Blue Hawaii wedding. Check out a minute or two of their fun-filled vow exchange!

Of course, swing dancing is optional…Most couples opt for a slow-dance instead. Some folks prefer just to share hugs and congratulations while Elvis sings “Viva Las Vegas!” That’s all fine with us!

Ask about this all-inclusive wedding package, and we’ll even suggest upgrades like exotic leis or wedding cake packaged to-go. Naturally, a matching sarong and Hawaiian shirt are optional, but you wouldn’t know it, judging from many Blue Hawaii wedding couples. At Viva Las Vegas, we’re all about choices. Aloha! See you in the islands!

Las Vegas Gangster-Themed Weddings a (Mob) Hit!

Gangster wedding in Las Vegas
Zoot suit and flapper gear optional for our Gangster Themed Wedding package!
Whether the two of you are fans of The Godfather movies, The Sopranos TV series, Bonnie and Clyde, or even if you’re just Italian, our Gangster Themed Wedding package could mean a bloody fun wedding day for you!

Our Vegas chapel is all decked out as an Italian restaurant with red and white checked tablecloths, candles, wine bottles and grapes. Opt for a godfather-style minister, add an Italian waiter, and, as Lala and Zaur did, request a song, Vegas-lounge-lizard style, to dance to! We’ve even done Bonnie and Clyde weddings by special request, with the two outlaws running into the chapel under machine gun fire to perform the ceremony, then making a quick getaway. At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, you can pretty much have the mobster/outlaw of your choice.

Here are a few highlights on Lala and Zaur’s recent Gangster wedding ceremony:

When you go downtown to get your marriage license, consider a visit to Las Vegas’s new Mob Museum, just nearby. It will really set the mood for your camp and quirky mob wedding. Then, ask our knowledgeable wedding staff to recommend a great Italian restaurant for dinner after your ceremony. Or, if you have lots of guests, you might want to treat them all to Mama Millie’s Italian Wedding Dinner reception, prepared and and served with real class, right next door at our new Viva Las Vegas Event Center.

When it comes to wedding mobs, we’ve got you covered!

Vegas Mob Weddings
Get away to Vegas for a Bonnie & Clyde-themed wedding, Gangster-style!