Christmas Gift Ideas for Newlyweds

Wedding gifts for newlyweds
What do you get each other for Christmas your first year as man and wife? Image courtesy of imagerymajestic at

First year of wedded bliss? That calls for a special Christmas gift, preferably one that will hold memories of your first year together for a lifetime. Something you make yourself, or something that clearly shows you’ve put some thought into it will hold the most meaning.

Not crafty? Commemorative Christmas ornaments are probably the first choice of many newlyweds. We’ve listed a couple of websites, below, where you can have ornaments customized with your names, and even a wedding photo. How cool is that? Or, you can make your own, possibly using a bit of ribbon and a memento from your wedding, such as the bride’s garter or the petals of her bouquet inserted into a clear glass ball (fillable ornaments available at craft and hobby stores everywhere). Big box stores often have self-operated machines where you can create an engraved tag with the date of your wedding to tie onto the ribbon.

Slightly artsy-craftsy? Paint or watercolor poinsettias or other Christmas images around the edges of one of your wedding invitations. You can then laminate it and hang from a ribbon on the tree, or place in an acrylic frame to display. Speaking of the tree, if yours will be a fresh one, consider slicing a 1/2-inch disk from the trunk before putting it into water in the stand. Using silver or gold metallic paint, write your wedding date, “First Christmas Together,” or the like on the pine disk. Drill a hole for a ribbon, and you have a touching handmade ornament you’ll cherish forever.

If you have a bit of the poet in you, think about writing a page of poetry or prose, describing how you remember your wedding day, or what your first year of marriage has meant to you. What have you learned and treasured most about your new spouse and your new life together? Keep it to one short page, print on holiday paper and frame festively. Believe us, this gift will be a keeper!

Lastly, if yours was a Viva Las Vegas Elvis wedding, our holiday ornament of “The King” can’t be beat. You’ll find this on our website, and he’ll set you back a mere eight bucks. Best wishes and enjoy a great season of shopping cheer. And Happy Holidays to all you newlyweds and your families!

Elvis Tree Ornament
An Elvis ornament on your tree will speak for itself year after year
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