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Viva Las Vegas’ Most Popular Weddings of 2013? One Word: Fusion!

Star Trek-like wedding package
Entering a New Year where no man and wife have gone before!
It’s been a wild ride in 2013 for Viva Las Vegas Weddings. At the end of the year, we think it’s a good idea to look back on all the traditional, themed and Elvis weddings we’ve hosted, just to see if we notice a change in wedding trends from one year to the next. Boy oh boy!

While the hottest weddings of the year always seem to include Elvis and our one-of-a-kind Pink Cadillac entrance, our space-themed weddings are growing astonishingly in popularity. What we’ve been booking in the last year, though, has not always been exactly the Intergalactic packages offered on our site!

Both Star Trek AND Star Wars fans have always been able to time-trip at Viva Las Vegas Weddings, with spectacularly-staged nuptials set in future centuries. But what’s trending lately are “fusion” packages, combining elements of sci-fi weddings with other themed wedding components. For example, in the case of newlyweds Candice and Jonathan, they chose to be married by Elvis onboard their starship/vessel. Check it out:

Of course, you can choose whatever options make sense in your bridal universe. At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, ask to be married by any tribute artist, in any century or setting. Even couples having traditional weddings have added a touch of surprise in the past year. Recently, Superman descended from the ceiling to deliver the wedding rings, even though the rest of the ceremony was black-tie formal all the way.

As we bid a fond farewell to the hundreds of fabulous weddings we’ve done this year, we look forward to many more creative “fusion wedding” requests in 2014. Take us to where no bride and groom have gone before. Happy New Year, and best wishes for a bright future in 2014, everyone!

Proposing on New Year’s Eve? Don’t Let This Happen To You!

New Year's Wedding in Las Vegas
The last night of the year can be the most exciting time to marry or propose.

At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we always look forward to our exciting New Year’s Eve wedding ceremonies. The Strip is closed down just after dark, so the entire boulevard can fill up with revelers awaiting the spectacular midnight fireworks show. This plays havoc with our limo service, so couples marrying in the evening have to make it to our chapel on their own. It’s well worth it, though. Nothing beats the excitement of a wedding on the last night of the year, and it’s an incredible way to begin a new year as man and wife!

New Year’s Eve is also a thrilling time to stage a marriage proposal. However, things can get a little out of control if the unsuspecting bride has already been into the bubbly before her man gets down on his knee at midnight. Check out one example, below. The happy lady ends up doing a happy dance on the couch. Don’t expect her to contain her feelings once she’s had a few pre-midnight toasts!

Wishing everyone love and much happiness in the year ahead… And don’t pop too many corks before popping the question, guys. 🙂

Happy Holidays from Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel: Best Picks for 2014 Wedding Dates

Elvis Christmas card
A Very Merry Christmas to All Our Brides, Grooms, and Assorted Elvi

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, and a prosperous New Year full of happy events ahead. If you’ll be getting engaged over the holidays, may we offer up a few suggestions for easy-to-remember wedding dates for 2014? Planning ahead gives you the edge on best days and times, especially when it comes to weekend weddings.

Sure to be the hottest date by far? 12-13-14 (and it’s a Saturday!) This is still a long way off, but we’re expecting it to be one of our busiest days of the year. Booking months in advance also allows you plenty of time to plan the perfect traditional or wacky Elvis wedding ceremony.

Other Saturdays in the New Year include: 6-14-14 (for June brides), 8-9-14, 9-13-14, and 10-11-14 (The first two Saturdays in October are always the most popular dates of any year. You’ll want to book those early.)

Marrying soon? Coming up fast is 1-4-14. February 14th, Valentine’s Day, time slots are getting scarce, particularly since the lovers’ holiday falls on a Friday this year. The following day, 2-14-14, may be an almost-as-easy to remember option if you miss out on a Valentine’s wedding. Either way, you’ll have a romantic honeymoon weekend in Vegas!

Be sure to check our website to take advantage of seasonal and weekday specials throughout the year. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good flight to Vegas for your 2014 nuptials!

NFR Week: A Western Themed Wedding in Las Vegas

Western Themed Wedding
Say ” I Do” Western-style at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel
During the first couple of weeks of December, for the last 29 years, Las Vegas has filled with cowboys and rodeo fans attending the National Finals Rodeo. Las Vegas turns into rodeo town, going all out with special country-style events all over the Strip. Country music icons perform in the local showrooms, and Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel “goes country” with our Western-Themed wedding.

Last week, Sue and Loren tied the knot, lasso-style, strolling down the aisle to a country ballad. Of course, you don’t have to wait until rodeo week to be married at a country-themed wedding at Viva Las Vegas. We’ll fix you up any day of the year. To see if this wedding package fits your country sensibilities, have a look below:

We are happy to oblige if you want to substitute your favorite country songs during your Western wedding ceremony. That’s just the neighborly thing to do. We’ll set you up with all the fixin’s your hearts desire, and you even might talk us into a barbecue-themed reception after the vows are all spoken. Best wishes to our newest “kissin’ country” bride and groom, Sue and Loren!

Happy Birthday, Jamie!

chapel co-owner Jamie Richards
Happy Birthday, Jamie!

Besides celebrating the weddings and anniversaries of our Viva Las Vegas brides and grooms this week, chapel co-owner Jamie Richards will be celebrating a birthday! Like any other workplace on the planet, we make the most of birthdays, stuffing our faces with luscious birthday cake and potluck eats between weddings. But unlike most workplaces on the planet, birthdays at Viva (continuing the celebration after wedding hours) usually include the most fantastic creative entertainment. For one of Jamie’s recent birthdays, the staff put on a full-length spoof of Dancing with the Stars. No kidding. We’re not sure how we’ll ever top that one….

You may recognize Jamie from your wedding experience with us at Viva Las Vegas. He may have been the friendly and gracious guy coordinating your wedding. He may have pinned on your boutonniere. It’s even possible he was your wedding photographer (this guy can do ANY job at the chapel to perfection). And, if you’re just now making wedding arrangements, Jamie could be the cheerful voice on the other end of the phone.

Like many of our staff, Jamie comes from a background in entertainment. First, Jamie was a professional ice skater, then later a dancer and singer in Las Vegas productions. So..In honor of Jamie’s birthday, it just seems right to embarrass him a little by sharing an old ice skating audition video. (Gee, the Winter Olympics is coming up…Jamie would be great at arranging an Olympic-themed wedding for you—snow shoes down the aisle, anyone?) We hope you’ll be lucky enough to meet Jamie on your visit to our chapel.

Jamie, you haven’t changed one bit. 🙂