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Happy Thanksgiving: Being Thankful Your Wedding Wasn’t a Surprise!

Wishing everyone a Happy Turkey Day
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At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we’ve helped arrange a few surprise wedding vow renewals. Planning can be a bit tricky, but what an incredible way to celebrate a big anniversary! Surprise weddings, however, are much riskier to pull off, for obvious reasons. Here’s a guy who did it:

We’re wondering, all you brides out there, how would you have reacted to a surprise wedding? (What if it was a bad hair day?) Since we’ve been answering a lot of wedding etiquette questions on our Facebook page lately, it occurs to us, in general, that not proposing to the girlfriend until minutes before she walks down the aisle could be considered an enormous breech of etiquette, to say the least. On the other hand, if you know your girl THAT well… It could be a match made in heaven!

On this very special Thanksgiving Day, we’d like to express gratitude to past and present brides and grooms, and to all of their exuberant guests. Although Disneyland is the happiest place on earth, you help make Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel the happiest place to work. Our days are filled with joy because we get to share your most memorable day ever. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone from the gang at Viva!

How to Get Married Where You Want: Viva Las Vegas Edition

Diner Wedding in Vegas with Elvis
Chapel wedding not your thing? We have choices, but you may have other ideas!

If you’re getting married in Las Vegas, we offer at least half a dozen different (and gorgeous) indoor and outdoor venues onsite here at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, so you’re free to choose the setting that’s right for you. But if a traditional chapel or outdoor gazebo setting is not quite the ticket, we (or Elvis) can marry you at the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign, in Red Rock Canyon, hovering over the Strip in a helicopter, in our 50s dinner, or even at the Grand Canyon. (Okay, we can even make arrangements for your exotic wedding in Puerto Vallarta.)

Sometimes, though, couples have other ideas. For example, in the news last week, a young couple chose to marry at the Reno airport, just because the circumstances were right for them. Have a look:

While there are places Elvis (or one of our adventurous ministers) has NOT performed ceremonies, we have done ceremonies in hotel suites, in limousines, and on special sites around Las Vegas. In these cases, permission and extra advance notice may be necessary. But, if you have your heart set on an original location, give us a call and we’ll see if we can’t work something out just for you.
At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we are all about customizing your wedding experience!

Black Friday Affordable Wedding Specials at Viva Las Vegas Weddings

Las Vegas Wedding Specials, Affordable Las Vegas Weddings
Grab a holiday deal on your wedding…No lines! Book your ceremony for November, December or January and receive a free upgrade!

It’s officially “the holidays,” folks! Even if you’re not on the Scrooge-ish side, a winter wedding in Las Vegas is the absolute best time to save on your wedding, on room rates, and on dealing with high season crowds. If you book your Viva Las Vegas traditional, Elvis, or themed wedding package between now and December 15th–for a wedding anytime from now until the end of January—we’ll upgrade your entire wedding package for free!

Best of all, we’ve got most parts of the country beat as far as mild weather goes. Your friends and family might just be grateful to have an excuse to escape the cold and snow to attend your wedding ceremony in balmy Las Vegas. Another plus for holiday-time stays in Las Vegas is that we are now one of the most fantastic shopping destinations on the planet. Get hitched, and get your holiday shopping done all in one amazingly festive trip!

For details and information on booking your Black Friday wedding special, visit:

Las Vegas Dracula wedding
You won’t have to suck up this holiday season to get a discount on a Gothic Wedding with Dracula doing the fang-tastic honors

YOU Take the Cake at Viva Las Vegas Weddings

Viva Wedding Cake and Receptions
“Will that be for here, or to go?” Image courtesy of Rosen Georgiev at”

After your Viva Las Vegas wedding, you may just want to kick up your heels and celebrate a little. We can help with that. Whether you take advantage of our on-site receptions, from a simple champagne and cake toast to an elaborate sit-down affair at our new Viva Las Vegas Event Center next door, we’ll make sure your after-ceremony memories take the cake!

(And, by the way, if you have special plans of your own, you can order up one of our delectable, packaged-to-go wedding cakes and a bottle of bubbly to take back in your limo!)

What could be more convenient after your wedding ceremony in our Main Chapel, Gazebo or Garden Chapel than simply strolling down our garden path to your reception venue, all decked-out and ready for your post-wedding revelry? If you book our Event Center wedding receptions, the gorgeous entry gate is right next door, and we have a wedding shuttle to take your guests over. There’s plenty of parking right outside. Nothing could be easier or more intimate!

If casual is more your style, follow up your wedding with a fun reception in our Doo Wop Diner, featuring White Castle sliders and root beer floats!

Viva Las Vegas Event Center receptions, for larger and more traditional receptions, include gourmet buffet options, and the chance to design your own cake with assistance from our pastry chef. Short on ideas? Check out the video below for inspiration. You might want to design a cake and reception to fit in with your themed wedding!

For more information on wedding cake, here or to go, or all of our convenient and fun reception options, visit us at:

Get Married in a Helicopter Over the Lights of Las Vegas!

Vegas helicopter wedding
Say your vows high about the bright lights of Las Vegas!

What could be more romantic than a flight over the lights of the Las Vegas Strip after your Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel ceremony? Maybe GETTING married IN the helicopter over the lights of Vegas? We have packages that offer either option, your choice! Packages include goodies such as a champagne toast, cascading bouquet, limousine transportation,, photography, even wedding cake to-go.

Vegas Helicopter Wedding
Getting Married with a View of Vegas!

Watch a minute or two of a video we found that will give you an idea of the view you can expect!

Or, maybe you’d rather fly through the depths of the Grand Canyon by helicopter, minutes from Vegas, as part of your wedding day. You can be married at a selection of sites, either before your flight or at the canyon. We’ll work with you to make it perfect. A word to the wise flying bridal party: Late winter and early spring are ideal times to plan a helicopter wedding. Crowds are smaller, and desert temperatures usually very mild. Our helicopter wedding packages can include just the two of you, or you can invite a small number of guests.

For more information on our helicopter wedding packages, please visit our website at:

Guys, Please Don’t Propose Like This!

Engagement ring
Okay, the rock helps
Image courtesy of Graeme Weatherston
Even though most women will love and cherish their marriage proposals, no matter how simple or elaborate, this one, in the news recently, had a bit of a twist. It’s likely the bride felt a rush of relief even before she had the chance to be overwhelmed with happiness. Originality should win this future groom a lot of points, though. Here’s how he did it:

At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we are lucky enough to chat with couples who share their proposal stories, and sometimes the way they have chosen and/or designed their special wedding ceremony with us. If you have a unique story to tell others on our blog, leave us a comment or give us a call. We’d love to put your story and photo in cyber-print.

And remember, Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel offers you your own wedding website, where you can share your photos and “your story” with wedding guests and friends and family. It’s one of the little touches that makes your wedding package with us more personal and complete. Wishing you all a perfect proposal and a fairy tale wedding.