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Tripping Out Over Viva Las Vegas Elvis Weddings on TripAdvisor

Elvis Weddings at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel
Elvis is in the building, and doing a great job, apparently!

Once in awhile we check those websites with reviews to see how we are doing. Frankly, we learn a lot, and we do our best to get those happy-making five-star kind of reviews. We always want to know what we can do better, and, of course, everybody loves it when brides and grooms are thrilled with their wedding day. In September, we had some of that feel-good five-star feedback on our Elvis weddings and we’d thought we’d share with couples who are pondering a traditional, themed or Elvis ceremony at our Viva Las Vegas Chapel.

We have always noticed we get a LOT of Elvis bookings from couples in the UK, France, Germany, and even Australia and New Zealand. Elvis is one popular guy, internationally! So we are especially pumped when we read such glowing critiques from folks who have traveled thousands of miles just to get hitched by Elvis in our chapel.

Have a peek at these nice comments. And, if you’re thinking of marrying in Las Vegas very soon, you might want to hurry and catch that magical, anniversary-unforgettable date of 11-12-13. Elvis’s wedding dance card is nearly full!

“The best wedding EVER!!”
Reviewed September 18, 2013
My partner and I married on 13th September at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. We had a Pink Cadillac and Elvis wedding and kept it a secret from all of our guests. It was the best wedding ever! My partner and I had an absolutely fabulous time. It was funny and fun and just what we wanted it to be. The staff at the chapel were all really great and ‘Elvis’ was amazing, not only was he an great singer, he was charismatic and funny and a really nice guy. Our wedding guests could not stop talking about the ceremony, they all loved it and all of our friends and family who couldn’t make it watched it over the internet and loved it too! We have just returned back to England and wanted to share our thoughts on trip advisor straight away. If anyone is thinking of a Las Vegas wedding of any sort, this is the place to go. They cater for everybody’s tastes not just Elvis weddings. I organised and booked everything over the internet before we went and it was so easy to do. I highly recommend the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel to everyone. Thank you Viva for such an amazing time!

“Elvis impersonator was wonderful”
Reviewed September 10, 2013
Our Elvis was funny, witty, friendly, full of energy and really made the whole affair something to remember. Everything was great.

Reviewed September 6, 2013
Had a Elvis wedding in August and had an absolute blast!! Our guests ranged from 19 to 85 and everyone thought the whole thing was fabulous. Right from the easy on-line booking to the complete fulfilment of all our requests, this was a wonderful experience. The most surprising thing (I don’t know why I was surprised!) was that our “Elvis” could really sing! He belted out four songs in superb style, had all the guests up dancing and looked pretty good in the photos too!! If you want this type of wedding (and let’s face it, who doesn’t in Vegas) this was a perfect experience, I cannot think of one bad thing to say. Viva Las Vegas baby!!!

Meet Olivia, Viva Las Vegas Wedding Planner Extraordinaire!

Oliva the Las Vegas Wedding Planner
Olivia, ready to coordinate your Halloween wedding, dressed up and posing with …Dead Elvis?

If you’ve called our chapel with questions about your upcoming Viva Las Vegas Wedding, chances are good you’ve spoken with perky staff member Olivia. You’ll know because you can hear her smiling right over the phone! Olivia’s been with us nearly three years, and she explains, “I do a bit of everything. I book weddings, coordinate them, assist customers with problems, check them in–I do everything but drive limos!” In fact, Olivia was once called upon to be a female Elvis…(We more or less expect this sort of thing at our themed wedding chapel. Nothing surprises Olivia…so far!)

Asked what is the hardest part of her job, Olivia answers, “That’s a tough one. I would say it’s hardest when we get so busy that we can’t talk to couples as long as we’d like to, to get to know them better.” But, the best part, according to Olivia, is the creativity. “We’re not a regular chapel. It’s really nice being able to make couples’ dreams come true. We have fun here, and that’s what weddings are all about!”

Olivia and Merlin
Olivia makes a postcard with Merlin before a Camelot themed wedding

Olivia continues about her crazy-fun job: “My favorite holiday at Viva is definitely Halloween! Halloween is actually Ron Decar’s (the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel owner) favorite holiday. We decorate everything, and even the employees get to dress up! We even have costume contests and have Gothic/Cemetery Weddings all day long, inside and out in the Garden and Gazebo.”

What’s her most outrageous wedding request to date? “There was a wedding I booked LAST MINUTE. The groom told me he wanted the most unique EVER. This made me think that I really needed to get creative. The wedding ended up including a Pink Caddy Entrance with Elvis driving into the chapel and Darth Vader standing at the altar. Elvis and Darth started doing battle, then Michael Jackson broke out dancing, all the while Cirque du Soleil acrobats were flying overhead! Let’s just say the couple was very pleased.”

Olivia at the chapel
Olivia of Viva Las Vegas Weddings helps you tie the knot

What’s Olivia’s best advice for couples in regard to their wedding? “Don’t get so stressed out and overwhelmed that you don’t enjoy your special day. I see so many brides come in
with a mad or sad face because they are so worried about everything coming out perfectly. They don’t really take in their special moment. Of course it is a stressful day, but do everything in advance so you can enjoy it. It’s okay and natural to BE nervous. But a good, excited type of nervous. ”

How did Olivia wind up with such a fantastic one-of-a-kind career? Olivia was born in Havana, Cuba and came to the U.S. after winning a lottery at the age of seven. She lived in Miami, New York,and Pennsylvania before settling in Las Vegas. Says Olivia, “I am SO glad we settled here!” Las Vegas is the capital of the universe for jobs that combine the uniqueness, glamour and fun. All of which Olivia has down in spades. Olivia has been on a winning streak her whole life, it seems. And we at the chapel are SO glad she settled here, too!

Christmas Brides: Get Married by Santa Claus at Viva Las Vegas Weddings

Santa Claus Wedding in Vegas
Thinking of a Santa Claus Wedding? Image courtesy of

Getting married over the holidays? Picture a chapel filled with poinsettias and gold and white be-ribboned pews. Holiday time here at Viva Las Vegas Wedding chapel sees gorgeous brides in crisp white gowns carrying crimson and gold bouquets down the aisle. Add a couple of attendants in matching red…and you’ll have the most stunning wedding photos ever! (Every year our “designing” chapel owner comes up with a different, spectacular color scheme for decorating the chapel. We’re not sure what it will be this year. But it will be AMAZING.)

This holiday season, for those who want a whimsical twist for their December wedding, we’re offering for the first time, a Santa Claus Wedding! Get married by Kris Kringle himself, and, to add to the spirit, have Mrs. Claus along as matron of honor. You might even request an elf as ring bearer. This package won’t be found on our website, so call us and we’ll customize every detail for you.

The bride can glide down the aisle to the strains of “Christmas Bride,” or we can provide musical selections of your choosing throughout and after the ceremony. Best of all, you’ll enjoy your honeymoon in Las Vegas during a month when room rates are at their lowest, and crowds and competition for restaurant reservations are much more manageable. December weather here is usually mild, and, sadly for some, we rarely see a flake of snow…Sigh….

Right now is the best time to start planning, if a winter wedding is on your Santa wish list! Call us for more help with your holiday wedding planning. Santa or a traditional minister will be standing by to make the happiest holiday of your lifetime. Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel coordinators: 702-384-0771

Get your Santa Claus Wedding in Vegas!
The Newmans, past Viva Las Vegas Weddings vow renew-ers, celebrate the holidays