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Reverend Daphne Tells All: How to REALLY Travel Light

Vegas outdoor weddings
Reverend Daphne marries a couple in the moonlight in our beautiful garden chapel.

Our dearly beloved Reverend Daphne has been absent as a blog feature recently. She’s also been absent from her Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel duties– on medical leave– but is gradually on her way back to us. We are hoping she’ll be 100% for her upcoming trips to Australia and China.

Daphne LOVES to travel, and we’ve mentioned before that one of her favorite things about officiating weddings is meeting people from all over the world, from the places she’s visited or will visit. Through her experiences, Daphne has become quite the expert not only at marriage and wedding advice, but at giving travel tips as well.

You might not want to follow Daphne’s pointers for packing when it’s your wedding/honeymoon trip. But we think it’s very likely that it can be done. According to Daphne, what SHOULD you pack? No matter where in the world Rev. Daphne is traveling, she carries only one piece of luggage—a backpack! “I only bring three changes of clothes. One outfit I wear, and the other two are in my backpack. I wash out one set of clothes each night.” For dressier evenings, one outfit is often simply all black. “I don’t really go to the fancy places on trips anyway. I want to see the world as the locals do.”

Daphne the Las Vegas Wedding Minister
Is that the black outfit Daphne packs for evenings on her travels?

Daphne also doesn’t pack toiletries. She just buys what she needs at each stop along the way. Her backpack is covered with embroidered patches from everywhere she’s been.

How to get away with only a backpack for your Las Vegas wedding trip? Easy. At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we can set you up with rented gowns, tuxes or themed costumes. No worries about things getting wrinkled or crushed. Extreme light travel may not be for everyone, but Daphne isn’t quite like anyone else, either. Wishing her a speedy recovery, and a light load to carry on her travels in the coming year!