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Holographic Vegas Lounge Singer? ‘Got You Covered at Viva Las Vegas Weddings!

Viva Las Vegas Star-themed wedding
A space-themed wedding for an Officer and a Gentlewoman, Martin and his Jenny

When Jenny and Martin of Saskatchewan, Canada, asked for an Intergalactic Wedding ceremony, they were very specific. To be included with their wedding package, they ordered a 1950’s lounge singer who performed “Unforgettable” on the holodeck of their Star Trek-ish starship/chapel. It was clear to us that this was “their song.” The beautiful bride was teary-eyed, despite the Starfleet wedding uniforms, stand-up ship’s officers, flowing fog effects and the relative stoicism of the Vulcan minister.


Our “lounge lizard” singer and chapel general manager, Brian Mills, has portrayed everything from Elvis to a cardinal in various themed wedding packages, so this was easily within his range of characters. But it just goes to show you, whatever your special requests to make your wedding perfect, no matter how bizarre, we’ll step right up to the plate…or altar….to make it happen for you. (Brian really loves a challenge…)

Best wishes to Jenny and Martin for a long and prosperous life together. We enjoyed sharing your magic moment in space and time.