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A SPOOKTACULAR Halloween Wedding in Las Vegas!

Zombie Wedding in Vegas
Marriage, for many, can be a frightening experience

Wishing a Happy Halloween to all you Bridezillas and Brides of Frankensteins and whoever else we’ll be seeing on this haunted wedding night at The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel! It’s the one insanely scary night of the year when we go all-out with the cemetery, tombstone and coffin thing. Brides go down the aisle carrying black roses and draped in cobwebs… Even the staff gets into the spirit. Most of the time we don’t even recognize each other behind all the green goo and zombie makeup.

As evidence, here is an amazing Halloween wedding from our archives– Melissa and Gary tying the noose…uh, knot. The chapel, as ever, is done up in all it’s ghoulish glory. These two knew how to throw a monster of a wedding.


So, if you’re not attending a Viva Las Vegas wedding, just answering the door for trick-or-treaters, tune in on our webcam and watch a gruesome wedding or two. We think it will beat the heck out of the Charlie Brown and the big pumpkin option. Have a safe and frightfully fun Halloween, everyone!

Get Married at the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” Sign!

Las Vegas Sign Wedding
Image courtesy of

With scorching summer temperatures now behind us, Viva Las Vegas Weddings is once again offering our popular Get-Married-at-the-Iconic-Welcome-to-Fabulous-Las-Vegas-Sign Wedding. Your package includes limo service to and from the sign (where there is also parking for your guests, right on the median!), flowers, photography, videography, Elvis/minister and even music! If you like, you can plan the whole thing to take place at sunset, when the rosy outdoor lighting makes for the most amazing photos.

Best of all, friends and family who can’t make the trip to Vegas can watch the whole thing (providing you tell them the time of your ceremony) via earthcam! Have a look at what’s going on at this very moment, below:

Elvis at the Welcome to Vegas Sign
Elvis will meet you at the sign to perform your ceremony and a few tunes

This historic sign was designed in 1959 by Betty Willis, a pioneer in commercial design. It’s now one of the few remnants of Old Vegas, but remains a symbol of Sin City. Combine your wedding trip to Vegas with a visit to the Neon Museum near downtown Las Vegas. Here you can see the original signs from the long-gone hotels and businesses that made Las Vegas great. Fascinating tours are offered daily.

For more information on your wedding at the Las Vegas sign, or any aspect of planning your trip to Las Vegas, give one of our friendly staffers a call, 702-384-0771. They’ll be happy to chat about this or any of our other unique wedding ideas.

Reverend Daphne Tells All: How to REALLY Travel Light

Vegas outdoor weddings
Reverend Daphne marries a couple in the moonlight in our beautiful garden chapel.

Our dearly beloved Reverend Daphne has been absent as a blog feature recently. She’s also been absent from her Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel duties– on medical leave– but is gradually on her way back to us. We are hoping she’ll be 100% for her upcoming trips to Australia and China.

Daphne LOVES to travel, and we’ve mentioned before that one of her favorite things about officiating weddings is meeting people from all over the world, from the places she’s visited or will visit. Through her experiences, Daphne has become quite the expert not only at marriage and wedding advice, but at giving travel tips as well.

You might not want to follow Daphne’s pointers for packing when it’s your wedding/honeymoon trip. But we think it’s very likely that it can be done. According to Daphne, what SHOULD you pack? No matter where in the world Rev. Daphne is traveling, she carries only one piece of luggage—a backpack! “I only bring three changes of clothes. One outfit I wear, and the other two are in my backpack. I wash out one set of clothes each night.” For dressier evenings, one outfit is often simply all black. “I don’t really go to the fancy places on trips anyway. I want to see the world as the locals do.”

Daphne the Las Vegas Wedding Minister
Is that the black outfit Daphne packs for evenings on her travels?

Daphne also doesn’t pack toiletries. She just buys what she needs at each stop along the way. Her backpack is covered with embroidered patches from everywhere she’s been.

How to get away with only a backpack for your Las Vegas wedding trip? Easy. At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we can set you up with rented gowns, tuxes or themed costumes. No worries about things getting wrinkled or crushed. Extreme light travel may not be for everyone, but Daphne isn’t quite like anyone else, either. Wishing her a speedy recovery, and a light load to carry on her travels in the coming year!

Holographic Vegas Lounge Singer? ‘Got You Covered at Viva Las Vegas Weddings!

Viva Las Vegas Star-themed wedding
A space-themed wedding for an Officer and a Gentlewoman, Martin and his Jenny

When Jenny and Martin of Saskatchewan, Canada, asked for an Intergalactic Wedding ceremony, they were very specific. To be included with their wedding package, they ordered a 1950’s lounge singer who performed “Unforgettable” on the holodeck of their Star Trek-ish starship/chapel. It was clear to us that this was “their song.” The beautiful bride was teary-eyed, despite the Starfleet wedding uniforms, stand-up ship’s officers, flowing fog effects and the relative stoicism of the Vulcan minister.


Our “lounge lizard” singer and chapel general manager, Brian Mills, has portrayed everything from Elvis to a cardinal in various themed wedding packages, so this was easily within his range of characters. But it just goes to show you, whatever your special requests to make your wedding perfect, no matter how bizarre, we’ll step right up to the plate…or altar….to make it happen for you. (Brian really loves a challenge…)

Best wishes to Jenny and Martin for a long and prosperous life together. We enjoyed sharing your magic moment in space and time.

More About Going Down the Aisle: A Stirring Story of Love

Marriage made in heaven
Weddings sometimes show the true power of love Image courtesy of wandee007 at

Just after our last blog was posted, a wedding story on the news touched our hearts and made us realize the depth of emotion that is a part of every wedding ceremony. And not just the love of bride and groom, but of their families, and, in this case, the father of the bride.


At Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, we see a lot of tears at weddings, and also a lot of laughter. Whatever kind of ceremony you choose to express your feelings on your wedding day, we’re always mindful of the magnitude of love in human relationships. You can feel the power of it in the simplest ceremony as well as in the most elaborate and unconventional. We try never to forget what an honor it is to be part of the most special day couples, and families, will ever experience. Thank you for the honor of doing the honors. Our warmest regards to this family and the beauty and power of their love.

Getting Married in Las Vegas? How to Go Down the Aisle in Style

Harley wedding in Vegas
A trip down the aisle should reflect your own personal style
At Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, it’s all about YOU. We offer all kinds of innovative, customizable wedding packages, traditional or character-themed, just so your day will be truly YOURS. If you don’t see what you’re looking for on our site, we welcome brides and grooms who want to add their own special touches, the kind only they can choose to do. Some couples come down the aisle on a Harley or with Elvis in a Pink Caddy. But you can do it any way you like– singing, dancing, alone, with an iconic superstar impersonator, or with a bevy of your closest friends and family. Here’s one bride who sang to her fiancĂ© all the way. If you’ve got the chops and are so inclined, bring your karaoke CD and we’ll give you the mic and cue you up!

Other brides and grooms like to save the fireworks for after the vows. Check out this wedding recessional, below. This sort of thing takes a bit of advance rehearsal and preparation, but if you take care of that part, we’ll play your song and let you all go at it! Remind everyone at home to watch your wedding streaming live on the Internet, or they’ll have to catch the DVD version later.

We at Viva Las Vegas Weddings are ready to be wow-ed! See you in the aisle!