How We Celebrate 15 Years of Marriage Ceremonies at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel

15th Anniversary VLV Weddings
Our 15th anniversary year on the Las Vegas Strip!

It’s been a wild and wacky ride. After thousands of incredible Las Vegas weddings, immeasurable tears of joy, and countless amazing stories of couples from all over the world, we now celebrate our 15th year on The Strip. We’ve been blessed to have SO many gratifying experiences as we helped create a lifetime of memories for our ever-endearing brides and grooms.

But, in reality, we are almost too busy to truly acknowledge our anniversary year. Despite that, here’s how we’ve done it: Through YOU. Your stories, the ones you tell when you arrive for your ceremony. You, the happy, still-in-love couples who return to renew your wedding vows, the vows you repeated in our chapel five years, 10 years, and now even 15 years ago. Just lately, couples have been returning on their 15th anniversary to renew their vows in the same chapel where they originally wed, our own Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel!

Honestly, that blows our minds.

Has it been THAT long? And, how about this: Many of our staff were here way back when, and we remember you! Suddenly we look at you two and say,”Oh, you had that Indiana Jones Wedding!” or “You all dressed as zombies!” For those who may think that a “quickie” Vegas wedding is not as meaningful or lasting as more traditional rites, this is strong evidence that that’s not really the case. Marriage may be a serious business, but the strength of love and commitment is not necessarily something you can measure by the solmenity of the vows. Marriage is a celebration, and should be done in a way that expresses the relationship of the couple. We think fun-loving weddings are as much in the right spirit as elegant, romantic ones. It depends on the two of YOU.

By way of example, we’re sharing a couple’s custom Princess Bride ceremony. It’s what they asked for. And one of many weddings we’ve seen where the bride and groom could barely refrain from laughing the entire time. Love and laughter. They go together.

So…Happy Anniversary to us, and Happy Anniversary to YOU! And many, many more! Viva Las Vegas!

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