Reverend Daphne Tells All: “How I Became a Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel Minister” Part I

Rev. Daphne
Rev. Daphne relaxes between wedding ceremonies at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel

How does a person make the leap from being a focus-driven career woman to a minister at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel? Our own Rev. Daphne offers up her fascinating personal history, lending us some insight into her secrets for success in life, business, and marriage, too!

Early in her adult life, and long before her days as a minister, Daphne found herself a single mom, going to college at night and supporting her family working as a food demonstrator in supermarkets. Once the kids were in school, she could take on more classes during the day, but fell short of earning her bachelor’s degree. Says Daphne, “I discovered, being an older student, that the younger students gravitated toward me for group projects.” In a cooking class, Daphne worked with a team of six students, and they all looked to her to figure out what to cook with the given ingredients. “Kind of like Master Chef,” she explains. “Of course, I knew right away what to make–shepherd’s pie!” (Daphne is English-born, and had already cooked many meals for her family by this time in her life.) “I realized then that I didn’t want to be a teacher. By that time, I’d had so much pragmatic life experience. I felt I’d ‘been there, done that’.”

Meanwhile, in the working world, Daphne had met someone who was to become her mentor in the entrepreneurial pursuits that were to follow. She explains,”Everyone needs a mentor in business, to learn from them and build upon that foundation. I think if a person has a real talent to sell, then they can sell ice to Eskimos, as they say. I seemed to have that knack. But a mentor makes all the difference in developing that ability.” From her mentor, Daphne learned about the art and ethics of selling, how to show respect, and how to earn respect from customers and clients.

Daphne learned to keep promises to every client, whatever the cost. “Customer service is the most important aspect of doing business. If you pay attention to their needs and always follow through, you create a bond of trust and, ultimately, customer loyalty.”

It wasn’t long before Daphne bought the food demonstrating business she had been working for in Santa Monica, California. She built the business up from 80 employees in 1984 to over 1,000 six years later. Her new husband decided to quit his own job to help with the business, and they expanded to include fragrance and make-over demonstrators in department stores–in effect, they’d added a modeling agency.

As a result of her impressive success, President Gerald Ford invited Daphne to appear as a guest speaker for organizations all over the country, revealing the secrets of her accomplishments as woman and a leader in her industry. She was, in fact, the first woman he had honored with such a request. To this day, Daphne proudly displays her photograph with the President on the wall of her home.

Daphne notes that her professional life lessons apply to marriages, as well. Keep your promises. Be on time–no excuses. Pay attention to the needs of the other person. Follow through on what you say you’ll do. All those things go a long way toward creating the trust and respect that are the foundation of love, and a happy family, too.

Stay tuned for future blogs. Next time, Daphne tells how she made the transition from successful businesswoman to Las Vegas minister!

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