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Family Bonding at a James Bond Themed Wedding Vow Renewal

007 Wedding in Vegas
Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at freedigitalphotos.net
“M” appears in the organ loft above the Viva Las Vegas Chapel, giving instructions to James Bond to infiltrate a Vegas wedding and uncover a potential plot to blow up the Hoover Dam. The chapel is sophisticated, smoky and decorated with sultry women. A decked-out couple walks down the aisle to be wed, just before 007, Bond, James Bond, blows into the wedding chapel in a flashy vintage sports car to conduct the marriage ceremony– undercover, of course.

This particular wedding was different, though. This was a 10-year wedding vow renewal, and the bride and groom were accompanied by their three little ones, also dressed to the nines. Robert and Monica Anicito and their adorable family know how to have fun, and we’ve shared a couple of minutes of their “bonding” during “Francesca’s” rendition of “Diamonds are Forever” before the ring exchange.

During the photo session after the ceremony, the Anicito’s showed they were prepared for going undercover themselves. They all pulled out dark shades to peer over, much to the delight of photographer Maria. Take a cue from this family, or give us a call for other suggestions on making your wedding vow renewal a fun family affair, with kids and guests a part of the celebration! +1-702-386-0771.