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How to Personalize Your Traditional Las Vegas Wedding

Main Chapel at Viva Las Vegas
Add custom features to any classically Traditional Wedding Package at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel

If you’ve chosen one of Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel’s elegant yet-affordable Traditional Wedding Packages, you’ll find that most are all-inclusive, from limo transportation to pictures to flowers, whether you marry in our warm and enchanting Main Chapel, intimate and refined Little Chapel, or in the romantic Gazebo or Garden Chapels. But, if you want to make your ceremony more “your own,” may we suggest a few personalized touches that make your wedding stand out from all others? Here are just few ideas that we’d be happy to arrange for your day:

1. Add “Your Song” to the ceremony. You bring your own music for walking down the aisle, either processional or recessional. Just let us know ahead of time. (This can be touchingly effective if it is arranged in advance as a surprise for the bride or groom. Let us know, too, if it is indeed a surprise, so we can keep it secret!) You may also add a “First Dance” to your song, so the two of you can dance during the vow exchange. (Additional charge for your dance. Call ahead at +1-702-384-0771 to make arrangements.)

Viva Las Vegas Bride at Piano
Add live music to your special ceremony

2. Add live music. Choose a song by one of our classically trained solo singers, male or female, or add a pianist or organist to play for you. (Additional charges may apply if not already included in your package.) This addition is perfect for the lighting of candles, which you also may wish to include in your wedding.

Vegas Bridal Flowers
Choose the flowers that compliment the bride!

3. Upgrade the bridal bouquet. If your dress is super-fabulous, you might picture yourself gliding down the aisle with a cascade of flowers, or a bouquet of exotic colors of your choosing. Our on-site florists will make it happen. Consider matching corsages for mothers and grandmothers, or pew flowers to give away to your lovely lady attendants at the end of the ceremony as a thank-you gift.

4. Consider booking extra time with our photographer. Would you like a wider selection of poses and locations to choose from? As long as you’re marrying in Las Vegas, you’ll want to capture all those memories to cherish later. Call our helpful wedding planners in advance to work out the details for giving your wedding photo coverage extended time. We’ll do all we can for your special requests.

5. Check out our website for an array of extras for your limo ride back to the hotel. Small wedding cake, souvenir glasses, champagne. There’s almost nothing we can’t do to customize your perfectly special wedding day!

Family Bonding at a James Bond Themed Wedding Vow Renewal

007 Wedding in Vegas
Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at
“M” appears in the organ loft above the Viva Las Vegas Chapel, giving instructions to James Bond to infiltrate a Vegas wedding and uncover a potential plot to blow up the Hoover Dam. The chapel is sophisticated, smoky and decorated with sultry women. A decked-out couple walks down the aisle to be wed, just before 007, Bond, James Bond, blows into the wedding chapel in a flashy vintage sports car to conduct the marriage ceremony– undercover, of course.

This particular wedding was different, though. This was a 10-year wedding vow renewal, and the bride and groom were accompanied by their three little ones, also dressed to the nines. Robert and Monica Anicito and their adorable family know how to have fun, and we’ve shared a couple of minutes of their “bonding” during “Francesca’s” rendition of “Diamonds are Forever” before the ring exchange.

During the photo session after the ceremony, the Anicito’s showed they were prepared for going undercover themselves. They all pulled out dark shades to peer over, much to the delight of photographer Maria. Take a cue from this family, or give us a call for other suggestions on making your wedding vow renewal a fun family affair, with kids and guests a part of the celebration! +1-702-386-0771.

Austin Powers at YOUR Wedding? Oh Behave!

Austin Powers Wedding in Vegas
If simple, quiet dignity is not your style, may we recommend the Austin Powers Themed Wedding?

Okay, mates, this wedding is not for everyone, but if you’re a fan of the 60’s and are looking for a funky, psychedelic romp of a wedding, this one’s for YOU! Our most memorable Las Vegas themed weddings are the ones where the guests play a part, come in costume, and have a rip-roaring good time at the only-in-Vegas kind of ceremony. You can’t beat this delightfully affordable Las Vegas wedding with Austin Powers as minister, and a room full of guests in outrageous retro fashion and color. Or should we say “colour”?

For more information on your 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, or any-other-decade wedding, visit:

Costumes a problem? We’ve got you covered (literally) for any of our themed weddings. You won’t even have to pack. Visit our website or speak to one of our friendly and helpful wedding coordinators to set up all the arrangements for your costume party of a wedding. Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, +1- 702-384-0771. And, as always, we’ll customize your wedding package to include any characters that ring your (wedding) bells.

Do It in the Diner!

Doo Wop Vows
The perfect setting for your retro/vintage wedding with Elvis, Marilyn, and….?

At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we realize that there are as many reasons to do a non-traditional wedding as there are couples getting hitched. Here’s one story from our “archives” of a couple who decided to “do” our “Doo Wop Diner” wedding package. It’s fun and frivolous, and can be just right for a wedding vow renewal, or for a sincere, but light-hearted exchange of vows in a setting that will take you and your guests back to another era. Best of all, it’s one of the most affordable, all-inclusive wedding packages in Las Vegas! Have a peek at what the ceremony entails, below:

Here’s about three minutes of a heartwarming tale of two lovebirds and their rockin’ Doo Wop “I Do’s” :

If you really want to do it up, in the non-traditional, wacky Viva Las Vegas style, hit the drive thru at Burger King or In ‘N Out Burger, or make a pit stop at the Sonic Drive-In, all close by our chapel. Our helpful staff can give you directions, suggestions, and add all the special touches for a ceremony that is really YOU, she-bop, she-bop and a dang-a-lang-a-lang.

And, for more information on what’s included in the Doo Wop Wedding Package, visit:


Check Out the Fabulous New Viva Las Vegas Events Center!

A Toast to VLV Events Center
Welcome! A toast to our breathtaking new Viva Las Vegas Events Center

NOW OPEN! The hottest and most spectacular site in Vegas to host your wedding reception, family reunion, or any kind of gathering that requires amazing gourmet food, tantalizing cakes and desserts, and top-of-the-line alcoholic beverage service. We’ll also be offering a vast array of entertainment options, including dinner theatre, cabaret and jazz night, stand-up comedy and open mic night, plus song and dance of every imaginable genre. Best of all, you can incorporate any and all of these elements into your wedding reception. Just as always, Viva Las Vegas Weddings can customize your event to precisely match your dream reception or party.

Events Center Tables
The Viva Las Vegas Events Center can accommodate receptions with up to 300 guests, right next door to our chapel

Our new venue is right next door to the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel and can beautifully accommodate from 50 to 300 guests. Parking is just footsteps away, making it ideal for large groups who don’t want to make the long trek from a parking garage into a standard Las Vegas convention-area reception hall. The Viva Las Vegas Events center is large enough to seem spacious, but small enough to provide the warmth and intimacy that special occasions demand.

VLV Events Center Bar
The gorgeous new VLV Events Center bar

Have a look at our stunning facility, with its intricately carved woods, gleaming marble and elegant color scheme. All of the Viva Las Vegas Event Center’s audio-visual equipment is state-of-the-art, and the room is enhanced by its marvelous acoustics, baby grand piano, and theatrical lighting. For more information, visit our up-and-coming new Viva Las Vegas Events Center website at or give us a call toll free at +1-800-574-4450 or at +1-702-384-0071.

View at VLV Events Center
For best selection of dates, book your event today!

Eighty Bridesmaids? At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, One Will Do the Job—Ask Marilyn!

Marilyn Bridesmaid
Marilyn’s Twin Sister? We’re almost convinced!

We were blown away by a bride in the news recently who had a grand total of 80 bridesmaids at her wedding. Don’t believe us? Check out the story from the UK, below:

For a more sensible and affordable wedding option, may we recommend ONE bridesmaid with the impact of 80? Add our fabulous Marilyn Monroe impersonator to your traditional, themed or Elvis wedding. We think it’s likely you won’t need the other 79 girlfriends (and their gowns!) to have the equivalent wow factor on your guests. At your request, she will perform a song or two, or even conduct the ceremony.

This week, a couple came all the way from France to have Marilyn and Elvis at their wedding vow renewal. We’ve shared a few moments at the conclusion of their ceremony here. The most fun we’ve had at one of these iconic weddings was the time ALL the wedding guests came dressed as movie stars and celebrities who have gone on to the great wedding chapel in the sky. At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we believe in everything.