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A Viva Las Vegas First! Two Weddings, One Bride, One Groom, in 24 Hours!

Vegas Helicopter Wedding
Wedding Ceremony #1
About to take off over Las Vegas

When it comes to getting married, Tim and Diana of Seattle don’t mess around. After 13 years of ardent proposals by Tim, Diana finally consented to become his bride and make it legal, in a big way. First, the unbelievable Helicopter Wedding over the incredible lights of the Las Vegas Strip. Followed the next day (Diana’s 70th birthday, to boot) by a fun and touching Elvis ceremony at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. Quipped the bride, “At our age, maybe we’ll be more likely to remember our anniversary if we do it twice!”

Diana and Elvis
Wedding #2
Happy Birthday to the Bride,
Double luck for the Groom!

The pair had hoped to do the helicopter wedding on Diana’s birthday, but when that didn’t work out schedule-wise, they decided to do two ceremonies, one “fun” and the other “spiritual,” according to the bride. Our chapel staff agreed that this very special couple deserved twice the fun and twice the memories to take home with them. We hope to see them back for a future wedding vow renewal, or two…? They may make their way through our entire menu of wedding packages! Best wishes and a lifetime of happiness to Diana and Tim!

helicopter over Vegas Strip
Tim and Diana wed while taking in the legendary lights of the Las Vegas Strip

For more information on our thrilling helicopter wedding packages, visit us at:

Two Weddings and a Birthday
Topping off two weddings with an unforgettable birthday kiss for Diana

Book Your Viva Las Vegas Halloween Gothic/Vampire Wedding Before it’s Too Late!

Viva Las Vegas Dracula Weddings
“Dearly beloved…You vant to get MARRIED?!”

October is the gorgeous weather month in Las Vegas, and our most popular one for weddings. The average daytime temperature is 82 degrees, so early evening weddings in our Gazebo or Garden Chapels are bound to be perfect. For Halloween, these outdoor settings are decorated with fall leaves, pumpkins, twinkling lights, and a variety of ghouls, so it’s perfectly okay to add a Grim Reaper, Dracula, Zombie Elvis or other monstrous minister to your outdoor package!

Indoors, the chapel is decorated as a cemetery, and your officiant comes out of a coffin in a dense mist. The special effects defy description, so we thought we’d post a ceremony on video to give you the general idea of how truly “fang-tastic” our Halloween-time weddings can be.

If there’s a bit of the “Goth” in you, you’ll appreciate our black rose bouquets and candelabra-lit chapel. We’ll customize any of our packages to suit your particular tastes. Visit us at to see all the incredible choices. Book early–it’s our busiest weekend of the entire year!

So all you Goth grooms, grab your ghoul, and plan your wedding night…before it’s too late!

Top Ten Tips for Picture Perfect Bridal Makeup

How to create the face in your wedding album Image courtesy of marin at
How to create the face in your wedding album
Image courtesy of marin at
Most brides hope to be absolutely breathtaking on the big day, from the dress to the hair. But fashion experts agree, the most important bridal “must” is perfect makeup. At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we are happy to refer you to the top makeup experts in Las Vegas. See our First Look packages at

Still, some brides just feel more comfortable doing their own face. So, we’d like to pass on a little advice. What you see in the mirror can sometimes look very different in photographs. Here are ten pointers to help you make sure you get the gorgeous, flawless look you’re going for, live and in pictures. After all, your wedding photos are images you’ll treasure for a lifetime!

1. Blend like crazy. If you use your everyday makeup, you’ll want to use more than usual, since it will be somewhat washed out by the flash. Make sure it is flawlessly blended, though. Apply a matte powder to make sure the flash doesn’t make your face look shiny.
2. For daytime weddings, you can use less makeup, but go just a bit more dramatic for the eyes. Again, blend shadows with a soft brush until there are no lines of demarcation.
3. Use plenty of concealer under eyes and on blemishes.
4. Do a trial run a few days ahead of time, and take pictures with flash. You’ll then have time to adjust your shades and learn from any mistakes.
5. Avoid mineral makeups. Most will reflect light and make a bride look like a ghost.
6. Use waterproof mascara, eyeliner, and foundation if you are prone to tears or if it will be a long wedding/reception.
7. Keep lips touched up and never dry. If you use lip liner, make sure it matches your lipcolor and blend well. Mattes and glossy lip colors look good in photos.
8. Don’t use glitter. It makes you look like you have white freckles in photos.
9. Apply foundation to your neck and décolletage to make sure your face matches your body.
10. Do not go to a tanning booth or have a spray tan right before your wedding. If you come out streaky or orange, no amount of PhotoShopping can fix your skin tone.

For more advice on do-it-yourself bridal makeup, here’s one of our favorite instructional videos. We look forward to seeing you in all your glory for your upcoming Viva Las Vegas wedding day!

Getting Married in Vegas by “The Queen of Soul”

Susan Beaubian as Aretha Franklin
The beautiful and mega-talented Susan Beaubian would make Aretha Franklin do a double take!

Beth and Darryl came all the way from New Zealand (with several friends and family in tow) to share the time of their lives in Vegas this week. The highlight of their trip, though, had to be their unforgettably wild and wacky wedding at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. Just the right touch, according to Beth and Darryl, was having our “Aretha” perform the marriage ceremony and sing a few hit songs, along with a back-up gospel choir!

Not only bride and groom, but all the guests were costumed as various characters, and no one held back on the funky moves, as seen below during “Aretha Franklin’s” rendition of “R-E-S-P-E-C-T.”

Little did the happy couple know that the ministerial Queen of Soul, “Aretha Franklin,” was actually Susan Beaubian, show business royalty in her own right. Susan has appeared on Broadway and in national touring companies in shows including Dreamgirls, Kiss Me Kate, and The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. She appeared in the film The Color Purple as Corinne, and has had principal roles in The Naked Gun, Father of the Bride 2, and Norbit. She has been featured in 30 principal television roles, including characters on Seinfeld, Numb3rs, Cold Case, Saved by the Bell, Medium, ER and The Young & the Restless. During her vocal career, Susan has also recorded or performed with major stars such as Celine Dion, Faith Hill and k. d. Lang.

Here at Viva, Susan has also portrayed the incomparable Tina Turner. If you’re looking for a true professional to add a bit of soul to your wedding ceremony, invite Susan. We think she’s absolutely next in line for Queen of Soul or Rock. For more information on traditional, themed, Elvis or any imaginable impersonator wedding ceremonies, visit us at, or call us at 702-384-0771.

Wishing all the best to Beth and Darryl. You did it up in style! Didn’t we have fun?!!

The Matrimonial Final Frontier and the Pro Football Superwedding

Viva Intergalactic Vegas Wedding
Super-Size Your Viva Las Vegas Wedding!
Image courtesy of photouten at

This week, Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel hosted a HUGE first as well as the last word in intergalactic wedding ceremonies. You won’t find an NFL-themed wedding on our site (yet), but this one came as a special request from bride and groom, Heather and John. Yes, everyone wore jerseys and stood for the Star Spangled Banner. The referee/minister performed the rites, beginning with the coin toss and ending with a decision on a call to determine if a Hail Marriage pass was legal. Have a look at some of the action, below:

After leaving the football field, up went the force field on Starship Viva. In a whirl of smoke and blinding light, Viva Las Vegas Weddings beamed aboard James T. Quirk to perform his captainly duty, marrying Shevie and Bob. The couple were surrounded by an entire galaxy of uniformed starship officers. We haven’t seen a finer parade assembled on the USS Viva in the entire history of the future. See Shevie and Bob’s recessional below:

If you are looking for something unique for your own wedding, explore our themed wedding packages at If you don’t find what you have in mind in our nuptial universe, we’ll create a wedding just for you.

Meet Kalin, Viva Las Vegas Wedding Photographer Extraordinaire!

Kalin playing Snape
Kalin, your wedding photographer, doubles here as Professor Snape of Harry Potter movie fame

Few wedding photographers–in fact, few folks in general–can multi-task in quite the way Kalin of Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel does. Twice every hour, Kalin dresses the chapel for the next themed or traditional wedding, prepares his equipment, then captures still images AND video of the wedding in progress, all the while running lights, sound, music, curtains and the fog machine! In addition, he is usually busy making everyone else feel at ease with his sharp wit and charming Bulgarian accent.

But that’s not all. Kalin also plays several characters for various themed weddings. For him, these (usually hilarious) occasions are a welcome break in the routine. (No, he doesn’t shoot your wedding photos while he’s portraying Dracula or Austin Powers!) When he’s not playing the role of photographer or character actor, Kalin’s managing digital/video archives in the perpetually busy photo lab within the chapel complex.

Kalin’s been taking pictures ever since his boyhood in Burgas, Bulgaria. He fondly remembers his father teaching him how to develop black and white photographs. Says Kalin, “I was so excited! My father taught me everything I know about photography.” Now an American citizen, Kalin has been working at Viva Las Vegas documenting elegant and fantasy-filled weddings for the past 12 years.

Asked what advice he would give to couples who want to be sure to get great wedding shots, Kalin confides, “Just be careful what are you wearing. Your photos are the memory you’ll hold for the rest of your life. Pay attention to details on the wedding dress, the flowers, wedding shoes, nails, make-up, and hair. It is all about the details!” (In future features on Kalin, we’ll cover some of those aspects in full detail.)

If you have an upcoming themed wedding at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, be on the lookout. If you don’t see Kalin as your photographer, you might want to look around to see if he’s wearing some other hat!

Austin Powers Themed Wedding
As Austin Powers….NOT behaving!
Kalin of Viva Las Vegas
Kalin, playing his most frequent role as “photographer”
Fab 4 Themed Wedding
Kalin on the right, as Ringo? George? Paul? John?

Blues Brothers Themed Wedding
As Elwood, his favorite role. Kalin digs singing dem Blues!