A Peek Behind the Scenes at Viva Las Vegas

Rocky Horror Wedding in Vegas
What goes on behind the scenes at Viva Las Vegas? Do you REALLY want to know?
We dug up this video retrospective from our cobweb-y Halloween wedding vault. Since holidays are always a bit hectic at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, we thought you’d find the crypt-like chaos pretty intense, as we did back in 2007! Next to Valentine’s Day, Halloween brings out the most heart-throbbing numbers of wedding spirits and their guests….Even scarier, Halloween is not just for Bridezillas anymore! Take a look at the vast array of horrifyingly creative costumes we see on a typical Halloween night at the chapel.

October 31st books well in advance of the date, so let this serve as a warning to claim your plot in our chapel “cemetery” as soon as you can. Halloween falls on a Thursday this year, so it’s likely we’ll be celebrating throughout the weekend, too. For a few suggested packages, see www.vivalasvegasweddings.com/halloween_wedding_specials, but don’t be afraid to add a few diabolical twists of your own to your package!

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