Rev. Daphne Tells All: Confessions of a Viva Las Vegas Minister

Rev. Daphne“I LOVE MY JOB! How many people go to work each day saying that?” A longtime Viva Las Vegas minister, Reverend Daphne has the delightful task of marrying hundreds of couples each year. (To date, she has over 17,000 ceremonies under her belt.)  ” I meet people not just from various states in the USA, which I find very interesting, but people from all over the world.  I have traveled to many countries during my lifetime, so I get chat with couples about the wonderful time I had in their city or country.”

Daphne looks forward to traveling to China and Australia and  also re-visiting Israel in the near future. In the meantime, she’s content to visit with folks who come from many such fascinating places. The personal story of every betrothed pair is a privilege to share, whether they’re from Rome, Georgia, or Rome, Italy.

In her profession, Daphne has witnessed more than her share of touching, hilarious, and even outrageous and weddings. We thought it would be fun to feature her insights and experiences here on a regular basis. She’s seen it all! Do tell, Rev. Daphne!

Daphne admits, “People usually say all brides are beautiful on their wedding day. Take my word, don’t believe it. The reason is almost always THE DRESS. Brides see a gorgeous dress on the rack or in a magazine, and they MUST HAVE IT. But the problem is, it looks awful on them. It doesn’t fit their body proportions. For example, a strapless dress may not be suited for a well-endowed bride. In my opinion, a halter type dress would be better, so they won’t be constantly pulling it up. And, ladies. DO NOT wear black underwear under a white wedding dress! Definitely NOT sexy.”

Got a question for Daphne?  Need expert wedding advice? What is the most unusual wedding Rev. Daphne has ever seen? Can she tell if a marriage is going to last, judging by the behavior of the couple on their wedding day?  Daphne says she can. Find out in future blogs featuring Daphne’s fun exploits at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel.

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