One Step Closer to Legalizing Gay Marriage in Nevada




This week Nevada’s Senate Joint Resolution 13 passed, potentially legalizing gay marriage in the state. Impassioned testimony was given on both sides of the issue before the vote. And it’s still not a done deal, since Nevada voters must approve the amendment before it is passed into law. The resolution is not only a repeal of the ban on gay marriage, but goes further  to recognize gay marriage. Wording in the amendment also guarantees that churches viewing  marriage as solely between a man and a woman would not have to perform such ceremonies.

The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel has always extended a welcome to any two persons who choose to bind their lives together, whether in a traditional wedding, or in a heartfelt commitment ceremony when no legal option has been available. We’ve been witness to love in all its incarnations. We’ve gotten goosebumps and shed a tear or two at the zaniest and most lighthearted of weddings. We’ve been choked up at formal weddings, as well as at weddings where the bride and groom wore jeans and read vows pulled from a pocket and scrawled on the back of a receipt. Every love is unique. We recognize love when we see it, and it’s not diminished if there happens to be a pair of brides or  grooms walking down the aisle arm in arm.

According to Senator Tick Segerblom (D-Las Vegas), “Religious rights are important, but so are the rights of two people to marry.” However you feel on this issue, we have a history of supporting couples who wish to marry in either religious or legal ceremonies. For us, that includes those who simply want to celebrate their intention to share the rest of their lives with each other. It’s a lot about mutual respect. And love.