How to Texas-Size a Viva Las Vegas Wedding!

Mary and Hung with a few of their 90 enthusiastic wedding guests
Mary and Hung with a few of their 90 enthusiastic wedding guests

When the wedding guests of Mary Pham and Hung Nguyen stepped out of their sleek black limousine bus, they had no clue about all the surprises in store for them. Mary and Hung (one of the most radiant and generous couples we’ve had the honor to meet) wanted to make sure the day was special not only for themselves, but for their loved ones. Since they hail from Dallas, they chose to do everything in a BIG way.

The bride said excitedly before the ceremony, “They have no idea about any of this!” Mary wore a stunning white dress, skirted in ostrich feathers, set off by the most amazing purple rhinestoned stilettos. Hung opted for the more casual neon orange sneakers, with a purple vest and purple-and-neon-orange bow tie. A perfect expression of both class and fun!  Hung told us during their photo session, “We’ve known each other since we were in grade school!” For them, the wedding they’d so carefully planned was the only way to go.

The chapel filled with over 90 guests, mostly Texans, from Dallas and Houston. Cheers nearly brought down the roof as the couple roared into the chapel with Elvis at the wheel of his pink Caddy. Then, flanked by two glamorous showgirls, Mary and Hung swayed to “Can’t Help Falling in Love” while a flying Elvis, intertwined with a flying sequined beauty, performed a romantic aerial act from the rafters. Once the Nguyen’s vows were sealed with a kiss, the entire chapel was a sea of nearly 100 revelers rocking out to “Viva Las Vegas,” cameras flashing overhead.

We’re guessing this is a day that no one present will ever forget. Best Texas-sized wishes, and many happy memories ahead, to our most exuberant Couple of the Week!

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