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How to Save at Least $27,000 on Your Dream Wedding




* Seen here: The reasonable and resourceful staff at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel find it hard to believe people will pay $28,000 for a wedding.

We’ve been hearing in the national media lately that the average couple tying the knot in 2012 spent $28,000 on their wedding. Our response here at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel is simply, “ARE YOU SERIOUS?!” Many former brides will tell you that as precious as their wedding memories are—and believe us, some brides are so nervous that they remember their weddings mostly through the photos alone— the day flies by in a flash. In terms of value-for-experience, the only way to burn through a wedding budget faster is to set that stack of cash on fire!


No worries, though. The very sensible and accommodating staff at Viva Las Vegas can offer up a virtually endless list of unique alternatives for your perfectly dreamy, yet affordable Las Vegas wedding day. Best of all, you won’t be compromising. Our themed and traditional weddings provide a dizzying choice of elegant and picturesque settings and options. We even offer wedding receptions for you and your guests, from the intimate to the lavish. Or, tell US about the wedding you want us to create for YOU. After that, you’ll only have to decide how you’ll spend all the money you’ll be saving. (And, did we mention, our chapel is right on the fabulous Las Vegas Strip?)


Our warm and helpful Viva Las Vegas wedding coordinators will work their magic to make your wedding dreams come true. And we promise to come in with a figure that will accommodate the tightest wedding budget. Hey, feel free to send us a comment. How much did you spend on YOUR wedding? And, would you do it differently next time? We’d love to hear from you.






St. Patrick’s Day: A Wee Leprechaun Wedding in Vegas


Because we can’t say it quite like you do, here’s a touching letter sent to us by newlyweds Kevin and Shanen Pearson of California:

“On behalf of Shanen and I, we wanted to take the time to thank you and your entire staff for making our wedding day one of the most memorable moments of our lives.

When we first hatched the idea of getting married on St. Patrick’s Day, we both knew it was the perfect day for us to make it happen. Then, in a joking sort of way, I said ‘Let’s get married by a leprechaun.’ Together, our eyes got wide with excitement and I said ‘Let’s make this happen!’

Having called several chapels, I can say that not only was yours the only one to say it could be done, but there was genuine excitement from your voice, and that of your staff. When our wedding day came, I could not have been prepared for the experience you offered.

From being the first Leprechaun wedding in your chapel’s history (maybe even a Vegas first?) to the fact that your entire staff was genuinely giddy with excitement over the uniqueness of this wedding, you helped make our wedding beyond memorable. We were seeking a moment in time that captured us – fun, different, quirky, yet filled with love. Your team helped make it all of that and more.

From the “unexpected surprises” your team said they had in store to the classy feel of the entire day, we cannot begin to express our appreciation and gratitude for your taking our vision and making it a reality.

So, again, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you to you and your staff for making our day so special, so memorable and, most of all, so representative of us.


Kevin and Shanen Pearson
(We’d like to make your wedding day as happy as the Pearson’s. If you have a special wish, a favorite movie or television show, let’s see if together we can create your very own fun, different, and quirky day filled with love. Wizard of Oz wedding, anyone?)

Getting Down with Mini-Elvis at The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel

little elvis

Every bride and groom deserves a wedding that is uniquely their own. Here at Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we think that means they should not only be able to choose between a large or small wedding, but also between a large or small Elvis. Viviana and Adrian tied the knot here recently with Mini Elvis serving as officiant. To celebrate the exchange of vows at the close of the ceremony, the radiantly happy couple boogied down with the pint-sized King of Rock ‘n Roll during his rendition of Viva Las Vegas. (Check out the action on our Facebook page!) Our usually unflappable staff were left in stitches, not so much because of the delightful “mini-minister,”  but because of the enthusiasm of the newlyweds!

If any special character would add the right personal touch to your wedding ceremony, by all means let us know.  We’ll gladly  stretch, or shrink, as necessary, to make it happen for you.

Vote for Us and You May Win a Thrilling Reno Travel Package!



We at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel are awfully proud of what we do. Generally we don’t like to boast too much, but we will mention that our lobby walls are full of awards and accolades for “Best Of’s” spanning more than a decade. Still, we wouldn’t mind another plaque…

If you’ve been married here at our chapel, if you’ve been an honored guest, if you are on our books for a future wedding, or even if you’re just an avid blog reader, please cast a vote for Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel in Nevada Magazine’s Best of Nevada 2013, wedding venue category. You don’t have to be a subscriber, and your vote will enter you for a chance to win an amazing trip to Reno, Nevada. Just go to and click on the Best of Nevada 2013 box to submit your vote. We appreciate your confidence in us more than you know. We hope you’ve witnessed firsthand the many ways we are constantly striving to be the best in Nevada at everything we do.

Many thanks for your support. Our fingers are crossed, hoping that we’ll need to make more room on our wall. Thank you, thank you very much!

February Brides Lead the Way at Viva Las Vegas

20130201_172223 This is an adorable couple who met in Taiwan. Wan Suaan and Charles were ready to take the plunge and say “yes.” A simple ceremony with just a few friends, a few family members and two sets of parents was exactly what this handsome couple wanted.

Our team of hairstylists and makeup artists made their way to the Aria hotel to assist this beautiful Bride on her unforgettable day.

February Brides were running to the alter looking their very best. Best wishes to all of the Sweethearts who were married with us on Valentines day and throughout February.


♥ Viva Las Vegas Blogger~ Says,  “Au Revoir, Adios, Arivederchi, Bis Dann, Addio, Ciao, Shalom & Goodbye.”♥