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Great Bride & Groom Kisses at Viva Part l

Some Great Bride & Groom Kisses…


In Roman times the kiss was the legal binding of the couples marriage. Until that kiss happened, the couple was not officially married. So, in other words a kiss was not just a kiss back then.

The kiss symbolizes love and devotion. It’s like a promise to each other that each would be there for each other, no matter what. It is that special intimate moment in the ceremony that really says “I Love You.”

It’s the end of the ceremony… and the beginning of that FOREVER walk, til death do you part. If your kiss is scheduled for 2013, we wish you love, luck and happiness.


Tune in Wednesday for more great Kiss photos….



Happy Birthday Elvis…



That hip cat from Mississippi in the 50’s would have been 78 today. He was the hottest act of the 20th century. He had hits that made your hips swivel with fainting teens and a rock beat you couldn’t resist.

His unrestrained performances were said to be provocative( for the time ). Teens loved him, and parents hated him. He transformed music by fusing blues, gospel, rock and western beats into one sound.

The King~ the Legend, may you rest in peace as we think of you today and “thank you, thank you very much,” for your incredible contribution to society.

Elvis we will always love you…

Happy Birthday!


* This cake can be yours at Viva Las Vegas Weddings~

The Gourmet Cake

A Bavarian Dream at Viva Las Vegas

The Bride & Groom were dressed in traditional German attire. Yes, the Lederhosen, ( I love saying that ) were in tall order with the Groom and his freundes. I found myself thirsting for a boot filled with beer as I reminisced on my last trip to the Hofbrauhaus.

This handsome couple with their family and freundes looked stellar for their big day. It was a gorgeous Gazebo wedding complete with twinkly lights and good weather. Why,even the smallest of this crew were just adorable. We love tradition, and we love weddings, and this was certainly a favorite for me. Hope you enjoyed it too!


~Er hat sich in sie verliebt.
Sie hat sich in ihn verliebt.

**German translation~ He fell in love with her. She fell in love with him!

Ringing in the New Year at Viva Las Vegas

It all starts with an engagement ring for most couples. So, “ringing” in the new year seems appropriate for New Years Brides.

The weather in Las Vegas was sunny and the Brides were radiant as each couple made their way to the chapel. This lovely couple rung in the New Year by celebrating 15 years of marriage. It was a hunka hunka burnin’ love as Elvis joined them in their well earned Vow Renewal. Cheers to the lovely couple!