Daily Archives: January 5, 2013

A Bavarian Dream at Viva Las Vegas

The Bride & Groom were dressed in traditional German attire. Yes, the Lederhosen, ( I love saying that ) were in tall order with the Groom and his freundes. I found myself thirsting for a boot filled with beer as I reminisced on my last trip to the Hofbrauhaus.

This handsome couple with their family and freundes looked stellar for their big day. It was a gorgeous Gazebo wedding complete with twinkly lights and good weather. Why,even the smallest of this crew were just adorable. We love tradition, and we love weddings, and this was certainly a favorite for me. Hope you enjoyed it too!


~Er hat sich in sie verliebt.
Sie hat sich in ihn verliebt.

**German translation~ He fell in love with her. She fell in love with him!