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El Gato, si habla Espanol..

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New Jersey Says “Yes” to Vegas Part 2

20130119_135027Kirk was definitely “Hot for Teacher,” and well Sonya as we all know is the only one who can ignite Kirks “fire”.  Come Hell or high water this wedding was happening no matter what. There were signs to display. Marley rocks and so does Mom. I have to say this was by far one of my favorite weddings in the four years since I have worked at Viva Las Vegas Weddings.

The dancing was…well, check out the photos below…AWESOME! This is an incredible couple and your friends at Viva Las Vegas bid you two a wonderful “from this day forward together.” Why Mr. & Mrs. even brought a copy of their local paper, The Gazette where they will be featured as a married couple.

**P.S. Sonya had surgery on Thursday and she is now the owner of a plate and a couple of screws-ouch! Please join me in wishing Sonya a speedy recovery. Hugs to you Sonya!


New Jersey Says “Yes” to Vegas

Running to the Alter…


OH NOOOO~Sonya broke her arm the day before her wedding!!!! She is a Jersey gal though, and no little break was going to stop her from marrying her prince charming ( better known as Kirk ). They were New Jersey strong together and now are proving to be Vegas strong too.

Back home at the local pub and the station..about a hundred friends and family watched the most exciting wedding ever. Friends watched via the Earth-cam at the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada sign. Our Groom was dashing in his lime green leisure suit and Sonya’s Bridal bodice bling was perfect as she matched Elvis.



Stay tuned for Part 2 of this fab. wedding….


2013~Year of the Black Snake

20130102_115705Chinese New Year or as it is often called Spring Festival is a celebration of festivities to greet the New Year. It dates back to the 20th century. It is considered the most important social and economical holiday of the Chinese culture. It is about bringing the family together with much feasting.

With the newer generation, Spring Festival has become more about renewing family ties and it is welcomed as a day of relaxation~ away from work. How splendid is that?

The Lucky One...

Now for the 2013 Prediction~♠♣♥♦:

Goodwill will be abundant. Natural disasters will be on the decline. Prosperity will be dominant in financial, health and relationship matters. So, Vegas will still be a very good bet! A new sense of peace will also fill the new year and countries will display better diplomacy.

2013 will bring us a trend of better times and scholastic gain. It will also bring a windfall of luck along with general great promise. Woo- hoo we welcome 2013 and we look forward to your visit at Viva Las Vegas Weddings in 2013!


A Cardboard Groom Will Step into Wholly Matrimony!

She said,” I Love you”, to her cardboard hunk, he said ( crickets sound off ). She has a ring, a bachelorette party, a wedding and a reception planned. She is so in love with Edward that she doesn’t mind that he’s quiet. He seems like a stand up guy. She is set to have her wedding, and cake, and eat it too. This lovely Las Vegas resident is about to say ‘I-do,” to a fellow she hardly knows.

Ok, well, she is writing her thesis and she is writing it about the female escapist fantasy in regards to love. She is about to wed the cardboard cutout of the dark and mysterious Edward Cullen from the Twilight series as a part of her project.

She has gained national attention with her story, and is about to stroll down the aisle at the world famous Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. We will be reporting on this Las Vegas “first,” right after the ceremony.


Stay tuned to the Viva Las Vegas blog for more information…