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The Brady Bunch Makes it to the Chapel on Time

I see Jan, Marcia, Cindy, Greg and Alice. The Little Red Riding Hood, a Priest and a Vamp are in attendance too?

Wehellll, what’s going on here? These fine folks are guests at a Vow Renewal Ceremony at Viva Las Vegas Weddings. Our lovely Bride and Groom came all the way from Australia and brought a few friends to attend their ceremony.

If it’s fun, if it’s whacky, or even if you are seriously looking for a beautiful traditional venue to begin your life’s journey, we invite you to join us at Viva Las Vegas Weddings. We offer all types of ceremonies to suit your taste.

My only question is …”Why does it always have to be about Marcia, Marcia, Marcia?”

A Lucky Horseshoe Makes it from Liverpool to Las Vegas

The horseshoe is a common good luck charm in Europe. The horseshoe is to the Europeans like the four leaf clover is to the Irish. The horseshoe was brought to the western culture by the Greeks in the 4th century. The horseshoe was hung over the door and was said to ward off evil. This was introduced by St. Dunston who was a blacksmith by trade who later became the Archbishop of Canterbury in AD 959.

It then became a charm of sorts given at weddings. It is to be carried by the Bride with her bridal bouquet and throughout her reception. They are decorated beautifully and can also be displayed on wedding cakes. When Natalie & John came to Viva Las Vegas they brought their lucky horseshoe all the way from Liverpool. Ladies, just a friendly reminder if you so choose to display a horseshoe for your lucky day, remember it must be faced open end up…lest the luck is said to run out.

Our best to you Natalie & John, thank you for choosing Viva Las Vegas as your wedding destination!

Feeling ” Lucky”

Jake & Elwood at Viva Las Vegas Weddings









So I’m walking down Main street in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada and I run into these two guys. They were singing on the corner…they were dancing and having a gay old time. I’m just glad the performance was free.

They really weren’t very loud ( or was that because my imagination was soaring ) I guess the songs were just actually inside my head. It was a great moment and re -living the Blues Brothers made me incredibly happy.

If you are looking for a unique Vow Renewal or Wedding Ceremony and would like to re-live that awesome fun give us a call and book your Blues Brother style ceremony. It will have you and your friends clapping and dancing in the aisles with exuberance! Call 702-384-0771 to book your fabulous ceremony, and we’ll do all of the work.

This Couple is Electrifying in Las Vegas



She said, “you’d better shape up, cause I need a man.” I believe her heart is set on him. They were like Grease Lightening together! It was an awesome couple of couples who chose to say “I-Do,” together. They met up at Viva Las Vegas Weddings~ 50’s Diner. The jukebox was cranked and they had a super 50’s style ceremony.

It was both memorable and  fun. Everyone had a leather jacket, a cigarette and a great time! This double wedding comes to you from our lovely friends from Spain.

Felizidades amigos y amigas-We too, had a grand time!

Elvis Offers Backseat Bingo at Viva Las Vegas

He’s a mover, he’s a shaker and he’s an all around sexy hip swiveling Minister?

It’s Elvis week at Graceland and we here in Las Vegas are honoring the late King by preserving his memory in the wedding capitol of the world by performing Elvis ceremonies! No other chapel does it like Viva Las Vegas Weddings. This gorgeous couple came to Viva Las Vegas from New York, and had a blast saying” Uh-huh,” and “I Do.”

They curled their lips and kissed to seal the deal. Margarita & Juris looked like supermodels as they approached their waiting limousine. Elvis drove them INTO the chapel in his 64′ Pink Caddy and made their nuptials a super memory that they will always be able to hang onto. If you have a license to love, and would like to try out our backseat, give us a call at 702-384-0771 or check out our great ceremony packages at

We’ll save the date for ya…

Vegas’ Most Intriguing Chapel Serves it Up your Way

Bored with the Same Old Wedding Chapels? Why not browse the single most fun chapel in Las Vegas~ Viva Las Vegas Weddings. We are a full service wedding chapel that serves up weddings, vow renewals, commitment ceremonies and themed ceremonies.

Our venues include a beautiful main chapel that seats up to 100 guests. Two exquisite outdoor settings, a floral gazebo and an enchanting garden. Viva Las Vegas Weddings also has a one of kind 50’s diner that is a true walk down memory lane that is both fun and inviting.

The true gem of this chapel is the Pink Caddy ceremony that has you entering the chapel in the back seat of a 64 convertible Pink Cadillac with Elvis acting as your driver and Minister. Fog effects are a fun part of this wonderful experience and its over the top fun!

Feel free to browse your many options at Vegas’ most intriguing chapel at

We look forward to hearing from you.