Friday the 13th~ Very Superstitious or Auspicious



Do you suffer from triskaidekaphobia~fear of the number 13?

Friday the 13th came and went…Some are so superstitious that they won’t go to work, eat in restaurants or even get married on this day. It is the most feared day for some. For others, it is that rebel within that says “I do not fear the 13th!” In 2012 there are 3 Friday the 13th’s  and they are exactly 13 weeks apart. Creepy ay?

Why, if you are in Las Vegas you will notice in many hotels that the 13th floor does not exist. Jump into an elevator and see for yourself. Legend ( for the VERY superstitious ) even says that some believe if 13 sit at a table together that within 1 year…1 will die. I yi -yi~ that’s heavy. I for one, am not superstitious, however, I do hear if it rains on your wedding day that it is good luck, and it rained today! 🙂

So, CHEERS to my couple of the week, Diana & Paul from Quebec, that celebrated with us at Viva Las Vegas Weddings, they allowed the rebel within to make this day truly theirs.

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