An Unforgettable Elvis Tattoo at Viva

The word tattoo is said to have come from the Polynesian Culture. It is derived from two words. Ta which means to strike something and tatau which means to mark something, in Tahitian. Tattoos go back over 5000 years and are just as beautiful and diverse as those who display them.

Viva Las Vegas just had a beautiful Bride who surprised us with an incredible compliment worth talking about. Ron De Car the owner and operator of Viva Las Vegas Weddings had a cartoonesque Elvis rendition made about 13 years ago to post on all of his advertising pieces to show the fun side of weddings and Elvis celebrations in his chapel of love.

Our gorgeous Bride is not just our Bride of the Week because she was stunning, but also because she had Ron’s Viva Las Vegas Elvis permanently tattooed on her, to mark her remarkable wedding, and her unions beginning with the most incredible Elvis chapel in the city. Our hat is off to you girl, much love and our deepest appreciation. WE JUST LOVED IT!!

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