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A Sentimental Bridal Bouquet at Viva Las Vegas

Unique Bridal Bouquets are all the buzz these days. Bridal bouquets have a wonderful way of adding that personal touch and just completing any beautiful brides look for her incredibly special day. Brandon & Jenifer had very special mementos that will last a lifetime and I just had to share.

The ladies wore antique bracelets made by Jenifer’s aunt that were just so chic. They are pictured here~ that’s J & B’s engagement photo, isn’t that a wonderful idea? Now for the stunner…Jenifer’s bouquet was lined at the base with a piece of her mothers wedding dress. The ornate pins had meaning as well.

There was a pair of Moms earrings, a brooch from Grandma, an engagement photo pin and even a pin from a wedding Jenifer was in as a child. The bouquet held so much sentimental value that it really made this ceremony a day to remember. What an incredible opportunity to start a family tradition. I can just imagine passing down a bouquet like this to my daughter!

Thanks for the wonderful ideas.

An Unforgettable Elvis Tattoo at Viva

The word tattoo is said to have come from the Polynesian Culture. It is derived from two words. Ta which means to strike something and tatau which means to mark something, in Tahitian. Tattoos go back over 5000 years and are just as beautiful and diverse as those who display them.

Viva Las Vegas just had a beautiful Bride who surprised us with an incredible compliment worth talking about. Ron De Car the owner and operator of Viva Las Vegas Weddings had a cartoonesque Elvis rendition made about 13 years ago to post on all of his advertising pieces to show the fun side of weddings and Elvis celebrations in his chapel of love.

Our gorgeous Bride is not just our Bride of the Week because she was stunning, but also because she had Ron’s Viva Las Vegas Elvis permanently tattooed on her, to mark her remarkable wedding, and her unions beginning with the most incredible Elvis chapel in the city. Our hat is off to you girl, much love and our deepest appreciation. WE JUST LOVED IT!!

Locals Get Hitched at Viva Las Vegas Weddings

When you think of Las Vegas weddings…you usually think of folks from out of state or out of the country that wish to get married. They come for the sights and the cool scene. A couple from Brazil Conrado and Glaucia that married at Viva this week said “Vegas is great because if you don’t have the time or money to see too many sites Vegas is perfect.” You can see New York, Paris and Venice and feel as if you have really traveled on your honeymoon.” “Plus, it’s pleasantly affordable.”

Cristina & Bobby are locals from Las Vegas and they had about 40 friends and family members at their awesome Elvis ceremony. They dated for a year, and decided that Viva Las Vegas was the place for their loving nuptials. Some family and friends dressed in retro clothes for the joyous occasion, I saw a sea of  sideburns and even a few really cool poodle skirts. So the myth that Las Vegas locals don’t get hitched in Vegas has now been… debunked!

Best wishes Bobby & Cristina



A Doggie Wedding Worth Barking About

All you need is Love…

So they say the desert can make you thirsty, it can make you delusional, but can it make you throw a $5000.00 doggie wedding? Well, I guess anything is possible, especially when there is love involved.

Scruffy & Snickers tied the knot at a Palm Desert Country Club on Sunday. They had 100 of their closest friends and family in attendance and it was a howl! The Best Dog was a Pug named Max ( short for Max a MILLION $$-I’m sure). There was a flower boy, an usher and a ring bearer as well to complete this wonderful union.

The best part is that Mum and Dad had the guests make donations to a local orphan pet oasis to help other needy pets. Kudos to the owners, I understand that they raised quite a bit for the orphaned pets.

What a heartwarming story, it makes me go sneakers to the ceiling wanting my belly rubbed, and wishing these dog days of summer would never end!

Friday the 13th~ Very Superstitious or Auspicious



Do you suffer from triskaidekaphobia~fear of the number 13?

Friday the 13th came and went…Some are so superstitious that they won’t go to work, eat in restaurants or even get married on this day. It is the most feared day for some. For others, it is that rebel within that says “I do not fear the 13th!” In 2012 there are 3 Friday the 13th’s  and they are exactly 13 weeks apart. Creepy ay?

Why, if you are in Las Vegas you will notice in many hotels that the 13th floor does not exist. Jump into an elevator and see for yourself. Legend ( for the VERY superstitious ) even says that some believe if 13 sit at a table together that within 1 year…1 will die. I yi -yi~ that’s heavy. I for one, am not superstitious, however, I do hear if it rains on your wedding day that it is good luck, and it rained today! 🙂

So, CHEERS to my couple of the week, Diana & Paul from Quebec, that celebrated with us at Viva Las Vegas Weddings, they allowed the rebel within to make this day truly theirs.

Zany and Fun Ceremonies at Viva Las Vegas



Jake & Elwood made it to the chapel on time. Just in time to attend a fabulously fun Bluez Brothers style ceremony. Dark glasses and fedoras were a must for this awesome couple tying the knot. At Viva Las Vegas Weddings we offer themed ceremonies that are incredibly fun and affordable. In fact, we think you’ll be doing somersaults down the aisle once you view our wonderfully priced ceremony packages.

All ceremonies come complete with flowers, a photographer and a personal coordinator to walk you through your special day. Whether it’s a traditional, themed, outdoor or commitment ceremony that you choose, we are only too happy to host your special day. View our packages at or peek in on our live streaming cameras to actually see what you are missing.

We look forward to serving you…


So handsome…