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You May Kiss the Bride at Viva Las Vegas Weddings

Ooh la la...

We all remember our first kiss don’t we? Whether it was good,bad,comical or a complete surprise. It was still, your first kiss… The kiss dates back to primitive times. Kissing was fully established with the Greeks and the Romans,not only as a form of affection from parent to child, but to lovers and spouses.

In studies of affection between lovers, the kiss assists in releasing dopamine (an internal chemical released when doing something pleasurable). This may explain why I feel dopey after kissing my husband-ha! There are many types of kisses, those of love, affection, respect, friendship and even butterfly kisses.

So, as you get closer to your special day, or are simply reminiscing of your anniversary day,we’d like to say…” you may kiss the bride,.” again and again and again! We look forward to your kiss, and your “I-Do’s,” at Viva Las Vegas Weddings.

Hugs & kisses to you and yours, from the staff at Viva Las Vegas.

Cinco De Mayo Will Make You Smile at Viva



Hi Y’all, and feliz Cinco De Mayo. If you are reading this on the 5th of May…I hope you are enjoying a fresh margarita or are thinking of the most interesting man in the world and having a Dos Exis beer in his honor.

Cinco De Mayo is celebrated nationwide and especially in the state of Puebla. Contrary to what most people believe is Independence day, the 5th of May is actually the battle of Puebla with France. France, under the direction of Napolean III, went to Mexico to order them to pay their debts ( Puebla asked for a two year moratorium from Spain, Britain & France) However, France saw this as an opportunity to come to Puebla and expand their territory, by forcefully taking Puebla in battle since they were financially corrupt.

This war was fought with a bankrupt Puebla and Puebla fought to the death to keep their state. France was 8000 soldiers strong and had not been defeated in 50 years, whereas Puebla had a poorly equipped Mexican army of 4000. It was a bloody battle. So, this my friends is where Cinco De Mayo~ (the battle of Puebla) originates from. Yeah, for the underdog! This was back in 1862, just glad we have come a long way since then. We love our French allies and our friends South of the border.

Cheers & happy Cinco!

A 1946 Plymouth-meow!
Que linda...

P.S. Thanks to my lovely couple for the awesome pics.


Happy Cinco De Mayo from Viva

Hola, mi nombre is El….veeees. Will we see you on Cinco de Mayo?

This Elvis si habla Espanol. Que rico, que suave eh???

Wishing you all a festive Cinco De Mayo-5th of May. Cinco De Mayo is another day to celebrate.

Eat drink and get married!

Ron De Car of Viva Las Vegas Weddings Wins Big

Ron aka "Elvis"

Ron De Car is the owner and operator of the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel and has been for 13 fabulous years. Ron has been featured in numerous publications and television spots to include, Marie Clarie, Elle, Entertainment Weekly, German Playboy, The Daily Mirror, Oprah Winfrey Show, E! Entertainment, Billboard Music Awards and VH1 Special with Rosanne Barr & Weddings of a Lifetime. He is also featured inĀ Time Magazine’s Commemorative Edition for the Millennium.

Ron was pleasantly surprised by the Las Vegas Chamber and Visitors Authority on Tuesday with an award. They really surprised him too-he thought he was coming in to officiate for an Elvis ceremony as he was awarded with the city’s “Hospitality Hero,” award for his contribution to the city.

Ron De Car was the headliner at the world famous Les Folies Bergere show at the Tropicana resort for 12 years and has continued to be a strong advocate for the city. Ron is also the founder of Golden Rainbow, a charity that is a great help to HIV/Aids patients throughout our caring city. Ron is a leader in the hospitality industry also by offering weddings and ceremonies that are unique and trendy and cannot be found anywhere else.

Ron’s wedding chapel offers weddings, vow renewals and commitment ceremonies. Brides and Grooms come from all over the world to celebrate in traditional as well as not so traditional ways to say ‘I-Do” their way.

Please join me in Congratulating Ron De Car …


Ron~ Clowning Around


P.S. Your staff thinks your pretty wonderful too!