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Audrey Kawasakis Artwork Featured at Viva Las Vegas

My Bride Pick of the Week

All I can say is, you go gurrrrrl! I cannot believe this most talented artists work. I fell in love with my lovely Brides tattoo and could not resist passing on the experience. The artwork that our Brides & Grooms display from all over the world is unbelievable.

My lovely Bride said Audrey was a young 23 years of age when she did this stellar print. Her artwork actually began on unique pieces of wood. I glanced at her webpage and fell in love with many pieces. To our tattoo enthusiasts…I recommend you sneak a peek, so that you too may uncover a world of delicate beauty you may have otherwise never known.


Mays Picturesque Brides & Grooms at Viva Las Vegas


May was a whirlwind, with Brides and Grooms coming in from all over the world. Spain & France are on holiday, and we have experienced record numbers of couples ready to say YES to Las Vegas, and YES to their partners from this day forward, from these two countries.

Thanks to all of our fab looking Brides & Grooms who made the trip to L.V. We certainly loved having ya! If you find yourself searching for a wedding chapel that offers traditional, themed, commitment or vow renewal ceremonies, look no further. There’s a reason why we are one of the most popular chapels in the city. Take a peek at our Facebook page to get a taste for what we do. We look forward to serving you too.

Vive! Las Vegas de Espana Llega a Las Vegas

La Boda mas padre de el Cadillac rosa que entra a la capilla de Viva Las Vegas en Las Vegas, Nevada en los Estados Unidos!


Mas de cien turistas dedse Espana llegaron a una de las mas famosas capillas del mundo. Llegaron a ver un renuevo de votos de matrimono de dos parejas. Fue un espectaculo con rizas, musica y Elvis.

Todos fueron testigos y recibieron gafas del tipo que Elvis usaba y las chicas recibieron anillos que brillaban con luz. Gracias a nuestros amigos y amigas de el grupo de turismo de Vive, Las Vegas. Esperamos que nos sigan en la pagina de cara-(Facebook).

Hasta luego!

Flat Stanley Makes His Way To Viva Las Vegas

The adventures of Flat Stanley finally reach Viva Las Vegas Weddings…

You may ask yourself…who is this Flat Stanley? I certainly asked myself who he was as well. As I became better acquainted with my guests, I soon found out who Flat Stanley was. My journey began as I picked up a bunch of Pirates on their way to a high seas adventure better known as Viva Las Vegas Weddings.

It was to be a Vow Renewal for Mum and Dad and they brought the kids in tow. While in the limousine, Lee & Morgan-the children shared with me that Flat Stanley is a 2nd grade project. He is to go everywhere with our 2nd grade Pirate in training ( hee hee). F.S. is from New Jersey and has been to California, Colorado and Canada. So, now Flat Stanley has been to fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada and has been a guest at a wedding vow renewal at the fun and zany Viva Las Vegas wedding chapel~Congratulations!

Thanks to the Pearse family for making my day, and telling me all about the adventures of Flat Stanley!

Lee, Morgan & Flat Stanley

The Olympic Torch on the Las Vegas Strip

The Olympic Torch is the symbol of the Olympics. What a great joy it was to see it going down Las Vegas Boulevard this past week. I am a chauffeur at the world famous Viva Las Vegas Wedding chapel and I was casually driving down the strip this week, and to my surprise had the torch right next to me. It was so exhilarating, that I had to share my experience. It is just amazing to think that the flame is lit and carried from it’s origin~ Greece and travels in relay to its destination.

London will be hosting the 2012 Olympics, and it will actually be their 3rd time. Wishing our friends in London the best with the Olympics as we pass on the torch in the worlds greatest relay ever.

Goooo Team U.S.A!!!!

A Camelot Ceremony with Merlin at Viva Las Vegas

A lovely couple from France wanted a theme wedding. They exclaimed, “this is not possible in France.” They mentioned that only traditional ceremonies are performed. They had a smashing time with Merlin the Magician! Here’s a tid bit about this wonderful ceremony..

For your minister, you may choose Merlin the Magician or King Arthur himself to preside over your ceremony. You’ll feel like King and Queen for a day as two Knights of the Round Table herald your entrance with true medieval fanfare. Your marital quest will be cast with a spell of wizardry and magic!

Ludovic and Dominique even sent off some love balloons to commemorate their magical union. Viva France for your patronage, we truly enjoyed serving you.

Oui, Oui from your chauffeur and the staff of Viva Las Vegas

Love is in the air..