We had a beautiful, traditional ceremony that was everything I had wanted – (Review from YELP)

My husband and I got married on March 29, 2012 and had the wedding of our dreams! Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapels is known for its crazy, outlandish themed weddings, but we had a beautiful, traditional ceremony that was everything I had wanted without all the cost and headache associated with a conventional wedding.

First, we did our homework on different chapels months ahead of time. We found that many of them have hidden costs. For example, they say that filming the wedding is part of the package but you later learn that you have to pay $60 for a copy of the DVD. Viva Las Vegas did not have hidden costs and, when asked, the people were very upfront about everything. You are expected to tip the limo driver, who picks you up from your hotel and drops you off, and you are expected to tip the officiate and the photographer — but you will find that that is standard. At Viva Las Vegas and all the other chapels, you will end up paying and arm and a leg for the professional photos, so either resign to that fact or have a plan to have photos taken before or afterward by someone else at a different location. Some chapels ban family and friends from taking any photos at all. At Viva Las Vegas, guests are allowed to take pictures during the ceremony, but have to put cameras away when the professional photographer begins taking posed shots. I think it’s fair.

Before you pick a chapel, check that they haven’t been reported to the better business bureau. That helped us cross some off the list. We found that Viva Las Vegas had not been reported to the BBB and that it had the best online reviews. It also helped that they were friendly, professional, and consistent when we communicated with them over the phone and email. I had one chapel tell me that we would have 45 minutes for the ceremony and when I called back with other questions, I talked to a different person who said that we would only get 30 minutes. I want to know that the arrangements I make with one person will come to fruition on the big day!

Also, and this was a big deal, we got the officiate that we wanted – Rev. Robb. He came in on his day off to marry us because we had requested him. We had watched videos posted online of weddings held at Viva’s different chapels to decide which one we wanted (that is also a nice feature that I will talk about shortly). We were absolutely captivated by how sincere and wonderful Rev. Robb appeared as he guided the bride and groom through the ceremony. We were not so terribly impressed with another officiate we saw who, we later learned, was scheduled to perform our ceremony. Rev. Robb came to the rescue! And some of my guests even commented how beautiful his words were!

There is not a lot of parking at the chapel, but that was not a big deal for us since most of our guests took taxis. We got married in the Garden Chapel during the day. It doesn’t look like much from the outside, a sturdy canopy structure in the parking lot. But it’s gorgeous on the inside with white columns, vines, trees, white Christmas lights, and nice chairs for the guests. The aisle is short and the space is small, which is why there is a maximum of 40 guests in that chapel. We had 32 guests and it seemed big enough.

My fiancĂ© was five minutes late, which is bad for a Vegas chapel since they book weddings back-to-back. He said that he was really stressed out, but that the wedding coordinator calmed him down and was very friendly. He and I got the “first look package,” which cost $75 extra, but allowed us to arrive separately and give and receive instructions from the coordinator and officiate separately, so that he didn’t see me until I walked down the aisle.

Another great feature was that they do a live webcast of the wedding for those who couldn’t make it to Las Vegas. Also, for an extra charge, they will archive the video on their website. We opted to get our DVD, which was part of our package, and post it on YouTube and Facebook for free.

If we ever renew our vows, I plan to do it at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapels!

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