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My husband and I saw some Elvis weddings on the Travel Channel awhile back and always joked that we should celebrate the craziness that is being a Las Vegas local and renew our vows at a chapel.   So when the stars aligned and we found a deal for an Elvis ceremony AND found out that our friends were coming to town, we knew what we had to do.

Since we are locals, we had the advantage of going in to Viva Las Vegas ahead of time to scope the place out and talk with someone in person about the different packages they offer.  We met Olivia who was really friendly and helpful and was generous enough to show us around to a couple of the areas were they have ceremonies.  First we saw the large chapel where I think most people get married, then the outdoor gazebo, and finally the Doo-Wop Diner.  We stepped into the diner, looked at each other and said, “Well, obviously this is it.”

There is a $100 deposit to reserve your ceremony.  They are very low key and if you need to change dates, times, wedding packages, flower colors, etc. they are willing to accommodate you (within a certain time frame, of course).  We had the Doo Wop Diner Package and that covered a two rose floral arrangement for me, a boutonniere for my husband, a photographer, six free 4×6 candid photos, a live stream of the ceremony on the internet, your name on the marquee, and two songs performed by Elvis.  This package was only $300.

When we arrived for our ceremony, everyone again was very friendly and accommodating.  They took us back to the diner and gave a quick run-through of what was going to happen.  Then in came Elvis- in all his glory- in an awesome white jumpsuit covered in rhinestones.  I was so excited I was jumping up and down.  And then I realized how hysterical it was that I had an Elvis from the early ’70s hanging out in a diner set up like the 1950s.  I seriously couldn’t stop laughing for the next hour.

Elvis started off by singing “Can’t Help Falling in Love” while my husband and I danced (and while I was still laughing hysterically).  He then did a nice little ceremony that was sweet at first and then silly at the end, and cracked jokes with us throughout (like when my bracelet was stuck on my dress).  He ended with “Viva Las Vegas” and we acted like fools dancing around with our friends.

Afterwards, they set us up for several posed photos and then walked us outside where we had our names on lit up on the marque.

The Pros:
-Super, super friendly employees- from the people answering the phone to Elvis himself
-Although you are one of many having a ceremony that day, they never treat you like a number
-Having your choice of several different venues for your ceremony
-Many different packages to choice from, and something to fit anyone’s budget
-My mom got to watch the ceremony on her computer back in Pittsburgh and said it worked great and that she was laughing along with us

The Cons:
-Taking the photos can feel a little bit rushed
-The price of the photos when you go to purchase them (I think they are a bit overpriced, but I think that about most photographers)
-There isn’t a lot of parking available

What Makes Viva Different from Other Chapels:
-You get to pick which songs Elvis sings (I was happily surprised to find that out- the other chapels had the songs picked out ahead of time)
-There is a minister fee (standard everywhere) and a suggested tip for the limo driver. All other tips are at your discretion. Another chapel had forced tips for everyone involved (why not just charge more for the package?).  I tipped everyone we dealt with because they were all fantastic- but that’s the point of a tip- they went above and beyond.
-Your guests are allowed to take pictures of the ceremony as long as they stay seated (a HUGE no-no everywhere else I looked)

If you are the low-key type out to have some fun, or you want to do something that people will always remember, or if you believe that a wedding is a way to say you love someone and not an excuse to throw a giant pageant and parade in your honor- then this is definitely for you.  Yes, it can go a little quickly and no, you won’t be the only girl you see in a wedding dress- but you get to say that Elvis was at your ceremony!

I had such a great time at our renewal and I really can’t say enough good things about the employees here.  If you are having a Vegas wedding, definitely look into the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel!

Insider Info: While Olivia was giving us a tour before our renewal, I had mentioned another reviewer on Yelp.  Apparently mentioning Yelp gets you a free DVD of your ceremony!


North Las Vegas, NV


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