Just Fooling Around at Viva Las Vegas Weddings

~April Fools Day 2012~

A day for pranks, practical jokes, and a great sense of humor. The first practical joke was played out in the year 1689. Several people in Britain were fooled into going to the tower of London “to see the lions washed”. On A.F.D. the Korean dynasty were allowed to lie and fool each other, on what they called the first day of snow. The Italians and the French Canadians attempt to attach a paper fish to one’s back without their knowledge, as a sort of joke.

April Fools day was a home-run with a whopping 1000 weddings performed today!

Just Fool’in, did I getcha?  Today we actually pronounced many with Elvis, with Harley Davidson’s riding into the chapel, and many

( too many to count ) traditional Brides. It was a super day!

So, needless to say…with these marrying couples- on April Fools day, there’s going to be a whole lotta fooling around from this day forward. Best wishes, and Happy April Fools day to all of our married couples, past and present, and to our Facebook pals,

from your friends at Viva Las Vegas Weddings.