A UK Love Story at Viva Las Vegas

They have been together for 10 years. Ian and Patricia were going to have a big” to do,” in the U.K. A wedding with family and friends that was sure to put a dent on the old pocket book. I was honored enough to escort them to the chapel so I met this fabulously friendly couple. As the planning began to unfold….yep, you guessed it, it got too big.

I can see why, they are a lovely couple. I too would want to be at their wedding had I befriended them. They are sooo fun! They scrapped the idea once it got to be too big, and opted for a fun ( to suit their personalities) Viva Las Vegas Pink Caddy Elvis wedding. A dear couple that she holds close to her heart also came along to celebrate with them and make her day.

And then…unbenounced to them a couple of friends schemed for 8 months behind Patricia’s back to add a wonderful surprise to her day. They showed up at the same hotel as the about to say ‘I-Do” couple( all the way from the U.K ), and had the front desk tell the couple that a package had arrived for them that they both had to sign for.

So, as it goes the surprise was, her two life long friends showing up to say “we wouldn’t miss it for the world.” Now that’s a secret worth sharing….Thank you for allowing me to share your more than a feeling moment.

Big hugs to y’all,

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Diana your Viva Las Vegas Wedding Blah Blah Blogger. 🙂