A Guys Guide to Wedding Planning Part II

Welcome to A Guys guide to Wedding Planning part ll. Let’s continue on with a bit more help…

                                                         My favorite service is the “First Look”, let me explain,

You may choose to hide the Bride, hey fellas, this is not like hide and go seek. it’s when the Bride is chauffeured to the chapel separately from her Groom and is hidden from the Groom. Your lovely Bride is only revealed once she walks down the aisle. Yes guys, this is where she takes your breath away. It’s the element of surprise. Please, Mr. Groom do not skimp here, it really is important…especially for the first time Bride.

You may also choose to add an upgrade to her already existing bridal bouquet. You can either go with her favorite flower, or simply add roses. An eight rose bouquet is the most popular, it photographs beautifully. Usually red, pink or yellow look gorgeous in the wedding photos, as they off set the white dress.

Lastly, I would like to recommend, a special song. If you and your gal have a song that is considered “your song,” bring it with ya and give it to your coordinator who will be happy to play it during your ceremony to have that moment that truly belongs to just the two of you.

Cheers to you fellas that are recently engaged. If you have other requests…please do not hesitate to ask. We look forward to your special day.


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