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Time is Running Out.. We Need Your Vote

#25610 Clip Art Graphic Of A Patriotic Uncle Sam Character Peeking Around A Corner by toons4bizThe last vote is counted at 12am on January 30th! We would loooove your vote. The Las Vegas Review Journals “Best Of Las Vegas,” voting is almost officially over. It’s that last ditch effort to get your vote for the Best Wedding Chapel category. Yes, I am groveling, I am begging you to just take a minute out of your 24 hours. You’ll still have 23 hours and 59 minutes to do anything and everything else left in your day.

Just click on this link: http://bestoflasvegas.com/vote2012/?3 and go to the second category which is named locations and go to the way bottom where it says Best Wedding Chapel and plug us in. Viva Las Vegas Weddings. We would like to win again as the best because after all? Well, if you could help us, we would be ever so grateful. Thank you on behalf of the staff of Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel.

#25612 Clip Art Graphic Of A Patriotic Uncle Sam Character With A Computer Mouse by toons4biz