Twas the Night Before Christmas…

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the city. Las Vegas is stirring and Brides are looking pretty. The Groom and his men are all dressed in their best, and the chapels are waiting for the list of their guests. They arrive and its festive, and the celebration begins, while a couple is married, a new life begins.

Pictured below, is my Bride pick of the week from Akron, Ohio. This stunning couple was married on Christmas Eve in our lovely Outdoor Gazebo.  Kim and Charles

Bride & Groom of the Week

were friends in high school and were fellow high school band mates. I know they will make beautiful music together.They enjoyed an intimate ceremony surrounded by loved ones.

As their chauffeur, I have to say..I too had a wonderful time escorting their family members to the wedding chapel. I’m just glad they stayed at the South Point hotel and not the North Pole hotel (hee-hee). Thanks also, to the children who kept me so entertained singing Christmas carols in route to the chapel-that was really special. Best wishes to you both, and congrats on inspiring me to crown you Bride and Groom of the week, you made my Christmas Eve quite merry and bright.



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