A Hot Kitten Makes it to Her Wedding on Time

Muffin, Mom & Dad

As she gently groomed her fur…she thought to herself, this will be the first day of the rest of my cat life. I will now have another servant who will succumb to my every wish. He will feed me, play with me and cuddle with me whenever I want. Muffin then put on her wedding dress as it was her big day too, and it was time to walk down the aisle.

At Viva Las Vegas Weddings we want to make your big day a memorable one. So, if that means bringing Muffin along for the ceremony, than that means Muffin will be a purrrrfect Maid of Honor. Muffin made it to the Chapel on time, and looked stunning in her wedding dress. There were two stunning Brides who were the cats meow and one handsome Groom who said “I do” to two. On behalf of the crew at Viva Las Vegas we would like to thank you, for choosing us for your very special day.

Here at Viva Las Vegas Weddings we cater to the traditional Bride and the not so traditional Bride. If you have a ceremony request feel free to call the Chapels hotline at 702-384-0771 or view our many ceremony options at www.VivaLasVegasWeddings.com . We love to see happy Brides…


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