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America the Beautiful Celebrated at Viva on 11-11-11

I pledge allegiance to the flag…

We love our country, and we love our red, white and blue. We love our soldiers and our Veterans too. 11-11-11 was not only a very popular numerical paradigm, but VETERANS DAY as well.

We at Viva Las Vegas were so honored to have so many of our military friends choose to marry with us for their happily ever afters. 11-11-11 was special in large part because we too were able to honor you.

Below are just a few photos for you to enjoy of Americas finest.

THANK YOU for loving our country and for your incredible sacrifice.


Just Clowning Around at Viva Las Vegas Weddings


Cooky and Sarah are circus performers from Australia. They have traveled all this way to say “I-Do” in a most peculiar way…Why rather than the exchange of rings, they exchanged clown noses. There ceremony was jiggy and full of surprises. In Australia, Cooky walks the slack rope and they both juggle and do lifts and holds that are truly wonderful to watch.

They chose the 50’s Diner for their exchange of wedding vows. They even did some lifts with Elvis for some great fun and photos. There super circus act is like vaudeville with humor and they are amazing performers. They were an incredibly fun couple who not only love the circus, but love each other. I guess when they met, it was love at first lift.

If you would like to see their circus act, go to Utube and type in ” a circus affair.” It is adorable to see them perform, and even more so now that they are a married couple. Thank you Sarah and Cooky for a one of a kind ceremony~you entertained us, and left us feeling like we were 5 all over again. It was really a great time.





11-11-11 Is Here at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel

The Viva Facebook Photo Booth
The Viva Facebook Photo Booth

A roll of the dice has me seeing 11’s.

11-11-11 is the biggest wedding day of the year here in Las Vegas Nevada. There are approximatley 3500 pre-registered wedding applications just ready for the couples who are ready to roll out their “I-do’s.” This will be one of the busiest and more exciting days of the year dealt to us at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. We feel luuuucky! We will personally have about 3000 guests along with the marrying couples shuffle through our doors for this numerological sensation of a day.

If you are one of the lucky ones who will be getting married here at Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we bid you a long and prosperous union. We are delighted to host your very special day and your happily ever afters. Also, we thank those of you that are renewing your vows on this very special day. Please be sure to check out our Facebook photobooth in the lobby. Say hello via Facebook to all your friends and family from the wedding chapel.

Let the countdown begin…

Hallo-Wedding Photos at Viva Las Vegas Part II


Hallo- Weddings continued. Please enjoy our many wonderfully dressed and costumed married couples from our very popular Halloween weddings here at Viva Las Vegas Weddings. We look forward to your visit. To view our many wonderful ceremony packages please go to or give us a call at 702-384-0771.



Hallo-Wedding Photos at Viva Las Vegas Part I



We saw the sunrise on Halloween and it was reminiscent of hallo’s past. We accompanied sundown and performed many a married couple to their first ” I-do,” and hopefully their last. Their dresses were tattered, their makeup aghast~ this is why we love Halloween at Viva Las Vegas it’s always a blast!

Thank you to the many couples that drifted through our doors-we enjoyed you so. We bid you, many a happy year and a marriage that will last and last forever til death do you part.


Rocktober Weddings at Viva Las Vegas Were a Hit

Mr. Nice Guy

Weddings, weddings and more weddings. Here at Viva Las Vegas weddings we aim to please. October is out the door, and it has proven to be a rocking month. Every weekend had been booked solid with traditional, vow renewals, commitment ceremonies and themed weddings galore.

We have served up almost every theme ceremony on our list this last month, and even a few that we created specifically to please a few couples. Why our Alice Cooper impersonator who is incredible, has been in high demand this last month to boot. October brings out the most incredible themes and couples. I am guessing perhaps because we may be subconciously thinking of Halloween? Not sure, nonetheless it has been tremendous, and we love our unique couples.

Here at Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we have all of the above 363 days a year. So, if a ceremony is in your future…give us a ring and we’ll be happy to do all of the planning for you.  Ring us at 702-384-0771 or check out our fabulous ceremony packages at