Brides Get Crafty at Viva Las Vegas Weddings

A Brooch Bridal Bouquet

I love the creative Bride. Just this last week I saw two more unique Bridal bouquets made by Brides. Why one Bride even made her headpiece from a necklace. I love to see these beautiful accessories as they are so elegantly displayed on these beauties on their special days. You ladies are soooo creative that I could hardley contain myself as I share your masterpieces!

So many Brides have great personalities and are just artsey. I am not artsey in this way so I am always amazed at someone elses creativity. A bit of a Brides personality shines through her wonderful creations and I so admire that. I hope this stirs up the creative Bride in you. We look forward to seeing your wonderful creations at Viva Las Vegas Weddings.

Until next time, Diana

Unique Bridal Bouquet
A Silk Bouquet w/ Rhinestones
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