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Viva Las Vegas Takes the Cake

Host Brian & Di on Radio 1230am

In honor of our guest for our local radio show this week I would like not only to honor a wonderful Las Vegas Gourmet Cake Master, but the cake as well. Tune in to your radio with us to learn all about the art of the wedding cake with Dominque and your host Brian Mills and Yours Truly. Don’t forget the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Show will be live on the radio Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. (Pacific Time).  We invite you to listen in or call in to the show. We’d love to hear from you. You may listen online also, at

Let me begin by saying…I LOVE CAKE! The popularity of shows like Cake Boss are really upping the ante’ on the wedding cake business. You see designs that are just out of this world and I understand the requests can be crazy as well. I cannot wait to hear Dominques craziest cake request. Oh, and the most popular flavor and well, I’d best stop there before I go into a cake frenzy and have to have some before I proceed.

The wedding cake tradition dates back to the Roman Empire. Now it was a bit (a lotta bit) different than you would expect. It began as a loaf of bread, not actually cake. Now here’s the part where it gets whacky to the Bride and the bread-heyyy. The Groom would take the loaf of bread and break it over his Brides head to symbolize his dominance over her. Ouchhhhh

I’d rather be clubbed and dragged by my hair, than waste good bread or cake for that matter. However, I am glad to see that tradition has evolved, and it is now a sweet treat shared at the wedding reception with your one and only and your family and friends.

If a cake is in your future I encourage you to order a cake through the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel where Dominque will make you a cake that will make you salivate and want to lick your fingers.Mmmmmmmmm~

You may also go to his website by clicking on this link: Dominique is one of the finer Pastry Chefs in the city and his fabulous cakes are gourmet all the way. I encourage you to have your cake and eat it too-ha!

* The cakes appearing in this Blog are sample cakes by Chef Dominique~ooh la la

The Good the Bad and the Ugly~ Wedding Proposals

Lovely Ladies@ Viva...
Lovely Ladies@ Viva...

Let’s see ladies, now here is where we can be honest and perhaps float a couple of fantastic wedding proposal ideas out there for the fellas. We have all seen the classic ring in the champagne flute in the movies, the ring on top of her dessert and the classic jumbo sports screen proposal. My friend John dressed in shining armour and rode down the street ( in the city) on horseback to propose to his fiancee’ Kelly-now that was a proposal!

 I had a friend who says hers was a disaster, her guy had, “will you marry me?” written out in tomato sauce, on a large heart shaped pizza. Pizza? Really?

Ohhhh, about a month ago, I did have a couple that went up to the Eiffel Tower at the Paris hotel here in Las Vegas for a surprise proposal.  The couple married the next day- as our astute Groom was one step ahead, and had already booked a beautiful outdoor garden wedding.Why he evev had friends and family flown in as a surprise to his lovely Bride, for their special Las Vegas Wedding. That too was a hit.

The proposal is such a small part of your happily ever after. However, with that in mind, share with us your romantic proposal or someone elses that was so sweet you had to mention it. You may be helping some lost romantic out there that just needs a liitle help for their personal proposal~ I am dying to hear your marriage proposal stories…

Until we meet again~Diana ;0)

Wedding Vow Renewal Madness at Viva Las Vegas


'The " Wedding


Vow Renewals are super popular these days. In fact, they are close to forty percent of the wedding chapels business. We see all sorts of great ideas daily, and some ordinary ones as well. To each his own, eh? However, every now and again, I see one that tickles my funny bone and this one was as adorable as ever… so I had to share.

Here’s the happy couple uhummmm how many years later? It was a vava voom vow renewal for this handsome couple at Viva Las Vegas Weddings and everyone was sporting their original couples wedding photo on their t-shirts. What a super idea for a wedding renewal! The party bus rolled up and everyone was donning the t-shirt and ready to see Elvis in his prime.

The "Va Va Voom" Vow Renewal

 It was an Elvis wedding vow renewal and our amazingly fun couple came out dressed in full costume. This vow renewal was planned out months in advance and was a true hit. I saw a sea of t-shirts and this wonderful group of family and friends who were just ready to whoop it up Vegas style. So much fun!

Cheers to another beautiful night at Viva Las Vegas, and to our spectacular guests. Keep ’em coming!

Sunset Vow Renewal

The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Show – Episode 3

Viva Las Vegas Wedding Show Podcast

Viva Las Vegas Wedding Show with host Brian Mills and and co-host Diana Moran, live on KLAV 1230 AM Radio!

Topics covered in this episode:
•    Themed Weddings, The Fun Side of Weddings!
•    Gangster Wedding , Grease Wedding – 50’s Wedding, Austin Powers – 60’s Wedding, Saturday Night Fever – 70’s Disco, Rock N Roll Wedding, Harley Wedding and much more!

Brides from Around the World


WELCOME or Bienvenu, Irashaimase, Welkom, Bemvindo, Mire Se Vjen, Bonavinuta, Wilkommen, Aloha, Benvinuto, Karibu


At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we welcome Brides and Grooms from all over the world on any given day here to celebrate their weddings, vow renewals and commitment ceremonies. It’s like an international wedding convention~ especially in the summer! So, I like to say the heat is on! It is loads of fun meeting and greeting our wonderful neighbors from all over the world in August.

Please enjoy the many photos of the beautiful Brides and their handsome Grooms representing their terrific countries in our fabulous city~Las Vegas, at Viva Las Vegas Weddings.

So I bid you a good night, good night, until we meet again-adios, au revoir, auf wiedersehen til then.