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A Radio Show with Viva Las Vegas.

Pirate Radio

Cheers to all! It’s me Diana coming to you from the world famous Viva Las Vegas Wedding chapel in FABULOUS Las Vegas Nevada. I have big news. We are going to host a 1 hour radio show starting August 10th. It will be on the AM dial-so get ready to dial us up at 1230 am ( from 3pm to 4pm) on August 10th! Please save the date and show us some support if you are in your car or office and are able to tune in.

I am so psyched about this new opportunity that I have been practicing my radio voice in my bathroom. Great accoustics by the way. Gee, what will I wear? I may just wear my showgirl outfit or my biker chick outfit or my …well I guess that doesn’t matter it’s not TV. Brian Mills our chapel Manager extraordianaire will actually be the host as I sit in with him and attempt to tickle your funny bone.

Let’s see I thought of a few phrases I may just try. See what you think? GOOD MOOOORNING VIET-NAM-awwww-that’s been used. I can sing “I’m on a Mexican radiooooo.” NOT!  It will not be a Mexican radio (although~ se habla espanol). Or I can just simply grab an eyepatch and a parrot and call it pirate radio! Anyhoo, I really am hoping and wishing that you support us and tune into 1230AM on August 10th at 3pm. We look forward to hearing from you. So in the interim this is Diana “aka” Mexicutia with K-L-A-V signing out, have a pleasant tomorrow.

Fabulous Brides continued…

Here are the few extra Brides and Grooms I could not fit onto the same Blog. Enjoy!


Fabulous Brides from Viva Las Vegas

June and July are hot and that is an understatement. Here are some photos of some hot and lovely Brides from June and a few from July. It is always so hard to choose who to photograph, especially with time constraints as I am driving Brides and Grooms to and from the chapel. We are usually so unbelievably busy and that is always a good thing. So here are a few couples I did have time to photograph and I would like to share with you.

Once again, as always, every Bride is special and no Bride looks like the next. That is my favorite thing about working here at the chapel. I am always stunned by certain Brides and some stories are just so heartwarming that I tear up as I peak into the chapel as they are exchanging vows. Here I am 3 years later and I still tear up at weddings. I hope that never ends~ this is what I really love about my job! So thanks to all of the wonderful Brides and Grooms that allowed me to post into my Blog. Whether you know it or not, in some small way I was touched by each of you. Thank you.

If you are recently engaged and ready to say “I-do,” give us a call so that the invites can go out for your very special day. View our wedding packages at, or give us a call at 702-384-0771.



Fancy Bridal Bouquet Ideas…

Bride of the week...

Hi there, I had to share this amazingly beautiful Bride and her most unique bridal bouquet with you soon to be Brides! This is Channy pronounced Shanny. What a beautiful Bride she was all the way from Erin, Tennessee. She and her handsome Groom Boge were married on July 1st. They were staying at the new and elegant Cosmopolitan hotel. Hmmm makes me thirsty for a drink, only I’d like my cosmo next to the pool please.

The most spectacular bridal bouquet



Well, the bouquet is a collection of ladies lapel pins some of you may know them as brooches. One from her grandmother, some from her friends, sisters and some special ones like one from a teacher she once had. It was spectacular. I have never seen a bouquet so unique in my 3 years here at the chapel. I was so impressed, that I made Channy & Boge my couple of the week as well.


The smooch!

What a smooch!! I hope this stirs up ideas for you ladies who are looking to do something meaningful for your special day. If you are looking to have a wedding to remember, we look forward to hearing from you. If you would like the details and the work left to us…give us a call. One call, and we will start the planning for your special day. Please check out our website at or give us a call and speak to a live wedding planner at 702-384-0771. Thank you and we look so forward to hearing from you.

Stay in touch, we love hearing from you!

Diana your happy Chauffeur,



Mustache Day at Viva Las Vegas Weddings…

Diana aka "Mexi-Cutia"

Hi Y’all it’s me Diana your happy Chauffeur from Viva LasVegas and I would like to welcome you to the Viva Las Vegas Weddings blog page. We are glad to see you ,whether it’s your first visit or your ? visit.

Dave aka "Whiskers"

We are glad you have arrived!

The awesome cutesome
Tombstone Ty
Tombstone Ty

Here at VivaLas Vegas Weddings we have so much fun planning weddings that you could see it in our faces. I thought it might be fun photographing some of the staff so that you could see the characters I work with. So much fun!!!!

Mustang Millie sings the blooze

There are usually 3 Elvis’ roaming the grounds here at Viva and most folks get a glimpse of one at some time during there visit. It adds to the liveliness of the chapel that I just love. Now, today was mustache day at the chapel. My favorite dress up day.

Moscow Melanie!

We do alot of Rockabilly dress up days around here, but my personal favorite is…yes, you guessed it MUSTACHE DAY!

Gene the dancing machine...
Gene the dancing machine...

No more wondering how Elvis would have looked as a macho gavacho.

Muy Sexy..que no?

Muuuy sexy? Please enjoy, and I promise to keep in touch if you promise to tune in every now and again.

Amy~ Queen Mustacha for the day!
Brandon aka "Luigi"