Daily Archives: July 19, 2011

And the Winner is..Viva Las Vegas!

Sign, Sign everywhere a sign. The International Sign association has an annual awards ceremony to dedicate excellence in signology? Well, check out our huge new addition to the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel from 2011. An incredibly awesome Led Screen/Sign on the Fabulous Las Vegas Strip! In fact, I have a funny story to report..

A few days after our sign went up, a fellow came into the chapel to complain that he almost wrecked out on the boulevard due to our sign being so bright. Now, here’s the funny part. Are you ready? IT WAS DAYTIME! He was a bit disheveled and I did notice he was drinking something. No odor or color though..hmmmm perhaps he was having a bit of vodka for his afternoon delight?

Nonetheless, the sign is bright and beautiful if you ask me. Award winning now too. Coming to Vegas? Check out our wedding packages, our website or just our brightly lit sign. Visit us at www.Vivalasvegasweddings.com or go to www.signs.org and go to the sign design competition tab on the left to see our sign. Hope to hear from you soon.


A Radio Show with Viva Las Vegas.

Pirate Radio

Cheers to all! It’s me Diana coming to you from the world famous Viva Las Vegas Wedding chapel in FABULOUS Las Vegas Nevada. I have big news. We are going to host a 1 hour radio show starting August 10th. It will be on the AM dial-so get ready to dial us up at 1230 am ( from 3pm to 4pm) on August 10th! Please save the date and show us some support if you are in your car or office and are able to tune in.

I am so psyched about this new opportunity that I have been practicing my radio voice in my bathroom. Great accoustics by the way. Gee, what will I wear? I may just wear my showgirl outfit or my biker chick outfit or my …well I guess that doesn’t matter it’s not TV. Brian Mills our chapel Manager extraordianaire will actually be the host as I sit in with him and attempt to tickle your funny bone.

Let’s see I thought of a few phrases I may just try. See what you think? GOOD MOOOORNING VIET-NAM-awwww-that’s been used. I can sing “I’m on a Mexican radiooooo.” NOT!  It will not be a Mexican radio (although~ se habla espanol). Or I can just simply grab an eyepatch and a parrot and call it pirate radio! Anyhoo, I really am hoping and wishing that you support us and tune into 1230AM on August 10th at 3pm. We look forward to hearing from you. So in the interim this is Diana “aka” Mexicutia with K-L-A-V signing out, have a pleasant tomorrow.