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Renuevos de Votos Desde Espana~



Boda En Viva Las Vegas


Hola Amigos y Amigas.

Mi llamo Diana y trabajo aqui en una de las capillas mas famosas del mundo! Viva Las Vegas, en Las Vegas Nevada en los Estados Unidos. Ofrecemos bodas en Espanol de Elvis, ceremonias de promesa y renuevo de votos para todos que buscan una boda aqui en nuestra capilla de amor. Nuestros Elvis tambien pueden hablar en Espanol para su ceremonia/dia especial. Pueden llegar vestidos en disfras o pueden rentar disfras con nosotros. Lo mas popular es vestir de Elvis y Marilyn Monroe.

Bodas En Espanol


Tambien tenemos bodas de Michael Jackson el rey de pop. Tenemos bodas de la famosa pelicula de James Bond tambien. Asta que si buscan Mariachis para su ceremonia nos gusta decir…aqui si se puede! Retratados aqui son parejas que viajarron desde Espana para casarse con Elvis-que fun que no? Felizidades a nuestros amigos de Espana! Y Felizidades a nuestras parejas tan lindas.Pueden ver nuestros paketes de bodas por internet por este link : , llamen a 702-384-0771. Si gustan, tenemos “Live Chat” donde pueden hablar por el internet con una representante’ de nuestra capilla.

* Les pido el gran perdon por mi falta de escribir en Espanol, espero que alguna que otra palabra me pudieron entender.

Felicidades a las chicas solteras, esperamos sus llamadas,

Casados 25 anos!


The Viking Wedding | Viva Las Vegas Weddings

Medieval Scandinavia (ca. 1000- 1400 CE)….. No it is actually present time and the place is Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel.

For the first time we did the Viking Themed wedding and boy was it fun! If you haven’t seen a Viking sing here is a chance!

Only with Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel
Don't make the Viking Bride angry!

All guests were dressed with proper helmets and Scandinavian Traditional wedding clothes!  Only in Vegas! Just a reminder that we have a costume shop so bride and groom and guests can rent costumes for their fun wedding day! Costume rentals start from $50.

The angry Vikings attacking!
The angry Vikings attacking!

See the Viking Wedding Video for yourselves!

A Visit from Tokyo at Viva Las Vegas…

Cotton Candy Bride

Once again, every Bride is different-can I say this enough? I drive up to pick up my next Vow Renewal couple at the Encore Hotel & Resort. It is a five star five diamond award winning resort and Shinjiro and Yuzuro are about to get a luxurious escort to the Viva Las Vegas Wedding chapel in our stretch limousine. They were so ready to have their own awesome Pink Caddy wedding.

Pink Caddy-Elvis

Now Mom and Dad were already at the chapel awaiting their arrival so I snuck the happy couple in the back way. I love the element of surprise. Their brothers pictured here were so funny. Well, they were the nicest banana and carrot I have ever met! I prefer a different type of carrot… like on my finger! However, being second banana isn’t bad in this case. The Pink Caddy wedding was fantastic and our guests who tuned in from Tokyo were so thrilled.

Tokyo fun

Fun and wacky weddings can also be arranged here at Viva Las Vegas. As you can see, hubby had his curlers in, his ankles shackled and wifey looked delicious in her cotton candy hair and outfit. If you want a fun and wacky wedding, or a seriously traditional one, we do that too. Give us a call or view our large assortment of wedding packages on our website at



What a great find this was!

Viva Las Vegas Garden Weddings
The Outdoor Garden Chapel

Hi Everybody!

What a great find this was.  I, like most brides, researched many places in Las Vegas.  I walked up and down the strip visiting one raunchy chapel to the next.  When I finally walked into the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel I was greeted with smiling faces and helpful people.  And, with many options and packages at my fingertips I began to pick our perfect wedding.  I already had the dress, and this being my first time getting married, I wanted it to be perfect.  I realize that everyone’s perfect day is different, so let me tell you about mine.  From the very beginning, the prompt staff took care of everything down to the flowers, photos and the live streaming of the ceremony on the net for my family in Iowa and Arizona.  They answered all of my questions and helped me with things I had forgotten about, like the groom’s tux rental (how could I forget that in the frenzy.)

As my day approached I was relieved knowing that all my plans were in safe hands and just a phone call away since I live in Phoenix, AZ.  The day approached, and an hour before the ceremony I received a nice call from our limo driver Diana.  I instantly liked her right away, and she was very aware of my nervousness and I was appreciative for that.  We were taken to the chapel, checked in, and we were on our way.  I was so excited that it was going so perfectly that all I could think of was having fun!  My soon to be husband and I were standing out front waiting for the ceremony to start.  I caught his happy face and I knew that I had made a great decision about this place.  I looked to the right and we were greeted by the Pink  Cadillac Convertible that would drive us into the chapel to become husband and wife.  It looked brand new and shiny as it sat in the Las Vegas sun.  Wow!  Elvis, clad in his white jeweled jumpsuit and gold sunglasses, got out of the driver’s seat and walked around to help my groom and I into the back seat.  Won’t my guests be surprised when we pull in, since I didn’t tell anyone.  Elvis got back in, the music started to play, he honked the horn twice, and the big doors of the chapel swung open to shower the chapel with sunlight as our chariot drove into the chapel.  Fog and lights covered the chapel, and all I could hear was the cheers of my family and friends as they watched.  Elvis helped us out and led us to the alter where he began our ceremony and made us husband and wife, almost.  Afterwards we met with the minister that made it legal and binding.  As I am left only with the great memories of my special day, and the fun that my now husband and I had in Vegas.  I am very appreciative to Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, because they truly made it a perfect day for us, to which I have told many people about our great adventure. I hope that people who read this will also follow in our footsteps and call on them again.  I want to ad that in the beginning I had wanted the beautiful night garden package which was totally a brides dream come true, but when I saw the caddy I couldn’t resist.  Good luck to all my fellow brides to be, and I wish you the same luck that we had!

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Taylor J.

Tempe, AZ

And the Winner is..Viva Las Vegas!

Sign, Sign everywhere a sign. The International Sign association has an annual awards ceremony to dedicate excellence in signology? Well, check out our huge new addition to the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel from 2011. An incredibly awesome Led Screen/Sign on the Fabulous Las Vegas Strip! In fact, I have a funny story to report..

A few days after our sign went up, a fellow came into the chapel to complain that he almost wrecked out on the boulevard due to our sign being so bright. Now, here’s the funny part. Are you ready? IT WAS DAYTIME! He was a bit disheveled and I did notice he was drinking something. No odor or color though..hmmmm perhaps he was having a bit of vodka for his afternoon delight?

Nonetheless, the sign is bright and beautiful if you ask me. Award winning now too. Coming to Vegas? Check out our wedding packages, our website or just our brightly lit sign. Visit us at or go to and go to the sign design competition tab on the left to see our sign. Hope to hear from you soon.