Sexy-Rockabilly Bride Photos

Viva Las Vegas had a Rockin’ week. We were one of the busiest chapels in the city.  We had so many Rockabilly hotties slide through our doors to say “I-Do,” due to the Viva Las Vegas Weekenders huge turnout. It was a magical weekend. To some people, Rockabilly seems to be a bit off-beat, but to this Viva Las Vegas Weddings Chauffeur, it was a fab week!

The chic Rockabilly Bride is an individual with a whimsical personality. A fun gal, who chooses a strong guys guy type, to say I do to. That 40-50’s flair is so elegant and colorful that all these themed weddings are guaranteed to be picturesque.

From the large sexy flower to that pin up style hairdoo-I wanted to say I doooo toooo, just like these beautiful throw back style Brides. It’s like playing dress up, and looking ever so sexy for your guy no matter who’s watching. I hope you too enjoy some of my fave Rockabilly wedding photos.



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