Donald Trump in Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas, stays in- whoa, wait a minute, stop, hold up, what???? Makes headlines.

How do you trump that? Donald Trump is in fabulous Las Vegas, and they’re calling it a hair raising event. I hear the Donald was a bit naughty, and had quite a bit to say. So, in this particular case what happens in Vegas, is quoted all over the world. Awesome, Las Vegas makes world news!

Trump is here in Las Vegas to attend the Royal wedding of Sir Steve Wynn and Lady Andrea Hissom at The Wynn Resort and decided on a bit of a detour to speak to the press, the people and perhaps send a message to El Presidente’.

So the Donald shot straight from the hip, (Elvis did too in his day).  I see nothing wrong with getting a little carried away with yourself every now and again while in Las Vegas. Hmmmmmm.

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Hair today gone tomorrow- ;0)




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