A Royal Wedding in Las Vegas

         A Royal wedding in our own back yard…. splendid! If you live or work in Las Vegas, one of the most respected employers in the city is Mr. Steve Wynn. Mr. Wynn has the Midas touch. I personally had the pleasure of working for him, (in a casino) when I first moved to Las Vegas from California in the year 2000 and it was great.

          Why, Mr. Wynn was the icon behind the Bellagio, the Mirage, Treasure Island and so many more successfully run casinos back in the eighties. He was the matriarch of the most amazing era of my time, and still holds that title according to those who still know and work with him. Mr. Wynn is the KING of service. He takes care of his employees and especially of his guests. He is success spelled with dollar signs.

          Mr. Wynn will be hosting his own Royal Wedding here at his fabulous resort, The Wynn on April 30th. He will be marrying the beautiful British Ms. Andrea Hissom, who by the way is sporting an amazing heart shaped sapphire engagement ring that is rumored to be well worth over 1 mmmillion dollars. Oohhhh sounds blindingly beautiful to me. His many guests will be from the movie and film industry, dignitaries and many entepreneurs from all over the world. So in my book of who’s who? I give Mr Wynn the bid for best Royal wedding of the year ( here in Vegas of course).

         So, from this King (Elvis) at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, to the King of Las Vegas Mr. Wynn, we wish you and your lovely bride all of the best.

          Are you looking to marry your King, by the King? I’m talking Elvis style? Or, are you looking to have your own Royal Wedding? Go to www.Vivalasvegasweddings.com to view our most popular Fairytale Wedding complete with all of the bells and whistles. Or, feel free to call us at 702-384-0771 to reserve your date. We look forward to your call….

You rang?????





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