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Dad & Elvis with Bride...
Dad & Elvis with Bride…


Vegas style weddings with flair! Looking for an amazing experience for your Vegas tour? How about a wedding at the world famous Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel in Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada? We do classic and zany weddings here. Just ask a few of our celebrity guests that have been married by or own (Ron De Car) Elvis- Noel Gallagher, Meg Matthews or even the” Beatle” that was in the building. Guess who? Your hint…I heard he was wearing a Ring- O’. Why Erin Brockovich and Angelina Jolie were even amongst us!

Fabulous weddings happen here whether you fancy a traditional style wedding or a fun and fanciful Elvis style wedding, we do it all. Our theme is, “If you can dream it, we can theme it.” Due to the Royals hosting the wedding of the decade, our Fairytale wedding is currently our biggest request. The U.K.  is setting the pace for the rest of the world and we are thrilled. Our wedding packages are affordable and filled with goodies.

For our traditional Brides, we recommend the Spring time evening “Garden Package” at  a very reasonable $525.00 U.S.  Evening weddings in this private paradise come complete with a Brides bouquet of 8 fresh roses and a matching boutonnaire for the Groom. 36 poses taken with a personal photographer and 10 free candid pictures as a gift,(photos taken during ceremony). Complimentary internet viewing for those family and friends that cannot travel to the states to see your wedding live. Your names in lights on our Las Vegas Boulevard marquee. A D.V.D. of your wedding ceremony and a V.I.P. ( very important person) photo viewing for the following day to view your photos. It is a complete package to make your lovely day special.

Beautiful English Bride & Groom
Beautiful English Bride & Groom

For our splendidly fun gals that are looking to rock out with Elvis… we recommend the Pink Caddy Wedding package. It is a smoking offer at an affordable $777.00 U.S. You will not see anything like it in the world. Just imagine, you are the Bride & Groom. You, my lovely Bride are holding your 6 rose bouquet and your dashing Groom has a matching boutonnaire you are seated in the backseat of a hot pink 64 convertable Cadillac with Elvis in the jump-seat. The chapel doors fly open, and the caddy pulls into the chapel-yes the chapel and parks it. There is fog streaming into the chapel and Elvis and you, our handsome couple come out of the Cadillac dancing your way to the alter for an Elvis style wedding-Viva Las Vegas style. Photos are taken by your personal photographer to capture that unforgettable moment in time. A minimum of 36 photos ( with a gift of 10 candid photos for you) are taken, and your video is in the bag. Your family & friends have viewed your wedding via our webcam, and our super stretch limousine now whisks you away, back to reality, or your hotel on the strip. That my love is how it is done “Vegas Style.” We hope to see you here. Feel free to ring us at 702-384-0771 or go to www.Vivalasvegasweddings.com to view our other fabulous offers.

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Classy Lassies...
Classy Lassies...
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